Haiku not booting up

i’m a linux user, but yesterday i wanted to give haiku a try and it didn’t boot, or better the screen simply stay empty after the loading screen. last year i had a laptop on where haiku was almost succesfully working but it broke and now i have a far worst pc with a very old integrated graphic card, so i assume my graphic card is not supported?

of course i am talking about the live distro as i can’t install the system, and for reference i tried beta and latest nightly…

Safe mode procedure probably required.


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“Failsafe graphics driver” is probably the option you need (not full failsafe mode). If it work, you can make it permanent by blacklisting graphics drivers packages.

ok thanks, will try that and let you know :slight_smile:

tried and that solved my problem, unfortunately when i booted up haiku my usb mouse (a microsoft one) wasn’t working at all… :frowning:

Try a different port, especially if it has usb3.

Microsoft Mice are currently broken for some unknown reason. There’s an open ticket about this.

oh, i guess i’m out if luck then…

Thrift shops are full of lonely USB mice needing a new home.