Haiku monthly activity report - 12/2018 | Haiku Project

Happy new year! It's 2019 and Haiku is still alive!

First of all, it's time to look at the stats for Haiku and Haikuports. As you can see, the activity for haikuports keeps growing (there are now 2x more commits to haikuports than to Haiku), and Haiku got slightly more commits in 2018, after two historically low activity years. Let's hope the trend continues and we can reach the high levels of activity of 2008-2010 again someday.

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Always wonderful to read another monthly report! :smiley:

Great news, as always! :smile:

Always a pleasure to read about continued progress.

I particularly noted the merging of support of USB Floppy Drives into the USB Mass Storage driver and eventual implementation of the SCSI Stack. Would this be a stepping stone toward supporting booting from USB Optical Drives?

I think @kallisti5 said he’s booted successfully from a USB optical drive before. So, it likely depends on your specific model of optical drive.

Maybe, maybe not.

See ticket regarding bfs volume not found (https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/14090) and puzzling comment by vidrep -
I have a similar issue here. When my HP USB CD-ROM is connected to my notebook it KDL’s with a no bootable bfs volume found. However, the same drive with same Haiku CD connected to a USB port on my desktop boots to the installer OK. I’ll investigate further, and post syslogs for each scenario.
which would indicate that the issue is more related to the system than the optical drive.

Great work so far…
It’s getting better and better… lots of new user around… looks great for the future…

Thanks to waddlesplash, CenterOnScreen is no longer allowed to leave the window tab outside the screen if the window is very high.

The window tab is still outside in Haiku Beta 1 64bit if opening HaikuDepot and looking for Scribus!
There you still have to close the preview window by clicking alt+w…

The beta won’t see updates very often. The nightlies get them nearly nightly.

From hrev56707 my ryzen boots ok except for the radeon driver which sends to my monitor invalid format and no desktop for the rest boot without problems.

NOTE: Intel Wireless 7260 disappeared from the network deskbar. With VESA drivers i don’t have any problems.

Actually, the beta branch does get some updates, but only for critical bugfixes and not minor improvements like this. So if you stay on the beta branch, you will have to wait until beta2 before you can enjoy this fix.


That’s why I said that.