Haiku Mascot

I stumbled upon this image while researching about Haiku;
I was curious if it was the mascot of Haiku, as I recognised the mascot of Linux there. I liked Haiku when i first encountered it because it had the feathers in the name.

But then when I looked into this site, I read the discussions about the mascot/logo of the OS and I saw people calling it leaves, autumn leaves and trying to simplify it.

As an artist and IT-er I think the name ‘Haiku’ for the OS is amazing as it’s a Japanese word which is basically a name of a poem style. I also saw that this OS is an opensource one.

I think the OS deserves a mascot, and i think it would be very cute for it to be the parrot in the image here above. Of course it’s only obvious that the OS needs a simplified logo, but i’m just saying.

Give it a thought :smiley:

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