Haiku do you have any hope

Haiku do you have any hope

HTML5 support is bad, browser experience is too bad, local video player experience is too bad

Updated every day?

The experience in 2018 was not as good as Windows XP 10 years ago.

It’s dead, Jim. :wink:

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Then what???

Hope is for those who have nothing else to do.

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Haiku is a major work-n-progress and it’ll get there (eventually). Not having the funding and manpower as compared to the corporate giants is a little bit of an inhibitor, but progress is being made regardless.


oh yes, how i love such people.

come here, do not introduce themselves and start to do everything bad because they have no idea.

We should not go for such contributions


I’m working on updating the web browser currently. I have about a year and a half of work to merge from webkit upstream. I merged about 3 months of it so far, and I’ll continue doing this for the next few weeks. Then a new release will come, and it should fix some of the problems.

Other people are working on porting mplayer or other media players to Haiku to help investigate our problems (is it our ffmpeg port? Is it the way it is wrapped into the BeAPI? Is it getting the decoded data to the screen and soundcard?).

Haiku is still alpha software and there is a reason for that. If these things were working fine we would have had a stable release already.


People does not understand this… so questins and comments like this will come again and again

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A troll, unknown and rude who thinks that the developers owe him something.


Is that comment real? Or it is a joke or he is a troll and you know, don´t feed the troll

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My vote goes to a frustrated user. I can understand that, Haiku seems to be making progress only very slowly, and always appears to be “just this close to being usable” to some people.
But such complaints are not helping much, so I’ll not write further about it and go back to coding.


Help to improve it or be gone, it’s simple as that at this point. No one will fix everything for you.

I love haiku, but I’m not a programmer, I’m a user

I just want haiku to respond to regular use of normal Internet and video entertainment, which should be the basic requirement for all users.

2012 contact haiku 2018 problems have not been solved

Many problems have been solved since 2012. If you don’t belive me, try running Alpha4 again (that release is from late 2012). Enjoy the lack of USB3, support for any modern graphics card, complete lack of any video support in WebPositive (now it is at least trying) and lack of alternative browsers (Qupzilla, and even Qt it relies on, were not ported yet back then). I probably already forgot about a lot of things in that list.

So, many problems have been solved, and there are other problems remaining but we are attacking them one at a time. We are a small team and working in our free time only, so the project simply cannot move as fast as big, commercial projects with hundreds of full-time developers.


Pay tribute to you

I hope that in the near future I will be able to use haiku happy Internet access and play network video smoothly.

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Those might be your basic requirements, but other’s are different…

Just a small correction, actually Qt and qupzilla were already available in 2012, i know that for a fact because i was the who ported qupzilla to haiku in late 2011 up to early 2012 with the help of David Rosca, he was kind enough to add haiku code directly into trunk, i submitted 2 realeses to haikuware one in feb 2012 another one in march/april, but i have to say i’m a little diseapointed at how qupzilla turned out to be, it was very promissing in its early days.

Out of curiosity, what did you not like? With some settings tuning it works quite well.

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Actually, I am quite hopeful.

Of the three major projects using BFS as the basis of their file systems, Haiku is the only one left standing.

SkyOS is now only a memory in the Wayback Mahine… Its last release alpha/beta release was in 2009.

Syllable OS (forked from orphaned AtheOS) went of the web at some point during 2017. Its last alpha release was in 2012.

Yes, the last formal Haiku release is now dated. However, improvements are still being made and the numbers of issues standing in the way of a formal beta release keeps decreasing. In the mean-time, the nightly builds, even if regressions are encountered once in a while, keeps getting better and better.


Well, it’s a little bloated now, it feels slow it takes about 5 seconds to launch on my system, after 8 years of development it still doesn’t display some sites correctly, changing user agents always gets you some site or another not well displayed, i find otter-browser better actually, except for the crash on closing, you can tune it as like too, it’s fast at launch and loads sites very fast too.