Haiku Beta1 will be here this year?


None of them are OS features.


You can easily chek for yourself:

  • Was the feature available in BeOS?
  • Is it on the list of extra things from the 2010 R1 feature poll?
    If the answer is no, then it should not get into beta1. In terms of code the beta is ready (it has been for a few months at least). What prevents us from shipping is the lack of separate package repos for the beta1 and master branch. We had to scale up our infra and rework a lot of things that were held together with sticky tape, so things will be more manageable. There are little visible consequences but the admin team is doing a lot of work on these aspects.


Hi pulkomandy,

What do you mean in detail with scale up our Infra. Haiku need a second server or more webspace.

Regards lorglas


There is a single server hosting everything for Haiku. Until now it was “baron”. It ran some virtual machines to separate different services (git depot, website, …) but over time we kept adding more and more things (gerrit, this forum, the package repos, buildbots, …). The physical server had not enough RAM to put each of these in a separate VM, and also ran out of disk space because the package repos are quite large (we archive old versions of packages there, not just current ones). Moreover this was all running on an old version of OpenSUSE, a system none of the current admins are familiar with.

There is ongoing work to migrate everything to a new server (called “maui”). It will use a different Linux system (I think they went with Fedora), containers rather than VMs (this uses much less RAM, so we can run more of them), and all the config files and everything are stored in git repos with automatic deployment, making it easier to track changes, and collaborate on system administration.

The other aspect is we will want to setup mirrors for the beta1 package repo. A lot of people will be downloading from these, and we don’t want them all to connect to the same server (especially as access to this server from the US and other non-european places is quite slow). So we need to get in touch with other places where we could mirror this. We have some parterships (with sourceforge, etc) to distribute our release install images, but we don’t know if they would be ok with also hosting the package repos (and deal with the increased disk space and bandwidth usage).

Also there have been various changes to the setup, such as switching to Gerrit, upgrading our buildbot instance (this will soon be live), updating Trac to a current version, etc.


we have a virtual server for BeSly.
It will not be busy and maybe we can mirror something or save packages with us, so you have space again.
Let’s talk about it by mail.
This summer I will update the server on Ubuntu 18 LTS, if it is available.
Currently have the following configuration
Web space (200GB HDD)
2 cores and 4GB Ram.
Connection 100Mbit / s


I’m not responsible for any of this. Get in touch with the admins (kallisti5, waddleplash, …) if you want to help in this area.