Haiku Beta 3 crash on MBP 13 mid2010

Hello all,
I have crash on real hardware, but can’t understand source of problem :frowning:
Is there present some log with crash?
Or enable save crashlog option?

This crash happen every time. No time specific found.

For reporting bugs please open a ticket with the HW/OS/software info at the https://dev.haiku-os.org page, the forum is a wrong place for this.

The KDL (kernel debugging land) message is not readable on your photo, you have to provide a better one as you create the ticket. If you can’t create a readable photo, then type in manually the PANIC message.

File a ticket and attach syslog located here:

Is there any specific reason why you are still on Beta3? Current nightlies are far better and stable and your MacBook Pro may benefit of them.

I also suggest to reset PRAM and SMC as it may help.

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No specific reason, yesterday I suppose install on my old book, and download from main page of haiku :slight_smile:

This is not the place to report this. Please file a ticket and attach the syslog.

I can’t read text on photo also :slight_smile:
And can’t get photo better because this image glitch on display :slight_smile:

I have a MacBook Unibody late 2008 and a MacBook Air 11” 2011 all work great with the latest nightly.
I’ve got the Air on eBay a few weeks ago and it initially gave me random kernel panics very often but now after a while it started working like a charm

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Please stop giving people advice to “update” to the explicitly unsupported bracnch…

This is based on my personal direct experience with 4 Macs of which two are MacBooks with specs very close the 2010 model that iQQator owns. And I have plenty of reasons to recommend to do so having experienced similar issues with Beta3.
There is a disclaimer on the website and it’s clear enough that installing a nightly is at user’s own risk due to instability.
Nevertheless, it is very likely that it may solve iQQator problem or at least it’s worth trying with a USB stick before wiping out the disk or update the current installation.
Thus yes, it is fully legit to recommend it although it does not exempt the user to file a ticket.

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None of which you mentioned, there is a difference between asking a user to test a different version versus asking them to upgrade and present the version as sure to be working while in reality nightly breaks all the time on purpose. You did t give a specific revision that worled for you either.

You also did not recomend this.

Do you see my problem?

This is just false, because of the unstable nature of nightlies. last month there were a couple revisions which made my system unusable, which is fine, as a dev I can deal eith it. But telling people the nightlies are stable is wrong and somewhat dishonest

I know that nightly is test only and very unstable imo. But after run nightly hrev56350 the problem didn’t disappeared, pink error screen here :slight_smile:

something visible when use iPhone to get photo :slight_smile:

Also: #17871 (PANIC: Unexpected exception "General Protection Exception" occured in kernel mode! Error code: 0x0) – Haiku

With all respect, I don’t.

If we really want to speak of semantic, I have not presented the latest nightly, as 100% working.
I have said that his MacBook “may benefit of it”, which is different.
Moreover, “the latest nightly [available]” always implicitly entails “at the time of writing” unless otherwise reported.

Fair enough, I could have been more explicit here.

It is extremely rude to say that I’m dishonest. I’m not. I have simply put my own and hopefully valuable experience with Macs at the service of the community. I strongly believe that current nightlies are far better and stable than Beta 3, at least when it comes to Macs and according to my own experience.

Having said that, rest assured I won’t do that again.


I said the claim is dishonest, not that you are personally. And I do believe that, the nightlies explicitly have not received weeks of testing to make sure they are stable.

A specific nightly might be stable, but nightlies themselves aren’t.

I don’t have any problem with recomending to try the nightlies as an option if it is made clear that they are not stable generally.

Saying that the current nightlies are stable is the opposite of that, a reader in the future has no perspective on what the “current” nightly was at the time of writing, hence my comment of you not recomending a specific revision.

I have this model of macbook and I haven’t tried haiku on it for a decade but its worth noting that it has nvidia graphics so it might be worth trying vesa video driver. Hold down shit while booting and select fail safe graphics from one of the menus.

Shift will not work, you need to press the spacebar on UEFI only machines like MacBooks.
BTW It’s unnecessary, Macs with Nvidia automatically use fail safe driver (framebuffer).
Nonetheless, it’s worth trying to disable user add-ons and SMP.

I seem to recall haiku worked for me but it would have been in legacy mode via refit

Now install rEFInd-
And got two better pictures :slight_smile:

Boot from Installed version via rEFInd

Boot from USB via rEFInd

But original UEFI booting it and installed properly ((
Ok, try to change memory, I suppose memory is bad or hdd or this device already nearest to die :slight_smile:

P.S. my ticket was closed as Duplicate…
P.S.P.S. I check boot it on my second vintage MacBook (15" 2013 Core i7). It was boot but no graphics and network (wifi)

Oh this is interesting! I wonder which config option in rEFInd changed this behaviour. Maybe spoof_osx_version?

Did you notice any specific action that could trigger these panics? These models usually shipped with 2 or 4Gb of ram on two modules, try remove one at a time.
The HDD is less likely if you have panics with the usb stick regardless. Have you tried with an SSD?

Depending on the model these may have dual graphics card (IIRC Intel Iris Pro and discrete Nvidia) both are not supported and you should blacklist intel_extreme anyway.
Broadcom Wi-Fi used by Apple unfortunately will never work on Haiku.

EDIT: I tried Beta3 on a MacBook Pro 13” late 2013 that actually has the Intel Iris (not Pro) and I had to blacklist intel_extreme. I’m not sure if Iris Pro works, to be honest.

Did you try disabling SMP and user add-ons?

AFAIK, “user add-ons” are add-ons installed in the /boot/home/config/ hierarchy. While people can still explicitely put things there, new installs shouldn’t have anything there.
Just saying. :slight_smile: