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The previous report involved a lot of travelling around and attending various events and conferences. This month is quite different as some of us are locked home due to the ongoing pandemic. We already know some of the next planned events such as the JDLL and FLISOL are cancelled (for good reasons).

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Thank you very much for your nice report. It is always a pleasure to read!

X512 also worked on Deskbar, adding new shortcuts: middle-click on an application in the task list will open a new instance of it, and shift + middle click will terminate the application.

Shift + middle click close window, not application. Idea is the same as closing browser tabs with middle click.

As always, thank you for progress and information!

Although all these improvements are welcome, I personally was long waiting for OpenGL textures in x86-64 and deleting corrupted files.

You’ve been busy. Well done to all. I especially look forward to being able to use two screens.

thanks for reports… :+1::+1:

Thank you for the always great reports! Excited about each step closer to Beta 2! :sunglasses: :smiley:

A Haiku Beta 2 Would be great, at the very situation we have (Covid-19).
People have time at home right now to discover Haiku.

The situation is quite different for each of us. Personally, the last two weeks have been very busy as my office moved to fully remote in just a week, with people not much used to working remotely. We had to setup the tools, get used to the new ways of collaborating, etc. So, no, not everyone has more time.

And in any case, our beta releases are not scheduled according to “opportunities” (should we even call the current situation this way?). It will, as usual, be released when it’s ready! :slight_smile:


Ah ok sorry for your situation pulkomandy…

Should be User then not People!
User have time at home right now to discover Haiku. Many people working at home-office do’nt!

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