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As is the usual way of things, the monthly Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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A big thank you to everyone involved for their contributions :+1:


Nice work done by all involved! :ok_hand:


Great work. Congratulations to the Dev team! :beers:


Thanks so much to all developers for your efforts and contributions!

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Haiku is very stable as never for my use…

I have not seen KDL (Kernel Debugging Land) for a long time!
Lot of work was done in the background and in Haiku Kernel realm…

Visual we have a quite stable show image in folder and the tracker now!
The AboutSystem has a replicant to show your Haiku hrev. number and system info on desktop all the time.

On some systems the brightness slider works, and on some rare systems you even have limited, but multi desktop.

HaikuDepot can now be filtered by date, to show the newest software additions!

You can use usb-wifi and usb-audio now if your current wifi or audiocard is not supported. These adapters are very cheap and a alternative for missing hardware support!

There is even Smartphone Tethering available now, which one can use as a wireless alternative too.

Video calls are available:
There is already a working IP Camera driver, also from Gerasim.
It can serve as a video source for video calls in Telegram.

There are a lot of software development/porting from Gerasim as well:
Qt Creator with Qt 6 is just one of them:

And lot of new ones:
LeoCAD with Qt5 and mesa llvmpipe

Artpaint is working in Haiku again and it is usable. It is maintained by dizzler now, very nice, thank you dizzler!

There are a lot more improvements over the past year, I just cannot get them all!

Lots of programs wait for getting discovered after Beta 4 release.
I am especially very happy to have LaTeX environment for academic use on Universities after Haiku Beta 4 release. (TeXLive on x86_64? - #47 by Begasus)

Haiku is still missing Webcam support.
There is a driver for webcams that is 99% complete. But very unstable or it only displays a black picture
Haiku is still in need of a major media-kit rework/overhaul

And we had 20 years of Haiku this year!

Thank you all for your hard work and thank you for getting Haiku Beta 4 just before or on new year eve.


It’s not my port there, all credits go out to @jmairboeck for that! :wink:


Begasus, it is just the link, pointing to your post Nr.47!

Anyway time to say:
"Thanks a lot @jmairboeck for your wonderful port of TeXlive for Haiku" :star_struck:

Great work thanks Joachim (@jmairboeck)
EDIT: Initial great work done by Jessica @jessicah


At least as much credit goes to @jessicah who made the original recipe for TeXLive 2014. I just updated it to 2022 and split it up to make it feasible to install it.


My bad :slight_smile: Kudos to @jessicah ! It was the first texlive package I was able to actually use. :ok_hand: