TeXLive on x86_64?

Ah ok that makes sense,
what about putting it on another repository?

Maybe create a special repository for very big files or study?

Thanks for clarify!
If I have time I try to build it myself.

@brunobastardi IIRC I’ve send you an email with the packages for both arches that I’ve build here, FWIW those seem to work fine here :slight_smile:

The packages for both arches you sent me does not work eighter!?
I tried to reinstall the packages through HaikuDepot but it seems the package is very small!? Only few seconds to install! So there must be some problem there?

It’s been a while, so can’t remember the details … getting back on this :slight_smile:

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It is expected that installing packages you have locally only takes very little time to install. They are essentially only copied to the /system/packages folder. Packages are not extracted on Haiku but rather used “as is”. That’s why the Haiku packaging system is so cool! :grinning:


@brunobastardi emailed me some tex projects from his son and all tex projects compiled fine to pdf files :ok_hand: (both with TeXstudio and Geany), BeTeX has problems opening the tex files …

@jmairboeck is working on a recipe for lilypond which can be used with frescobaldi, together with portmidi it seems to work fine :ok_hand:


Time to install and offer it on HaikuDepot now!

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As mentioned at the PR, I’m waiting until R1B4 comes out and no one objects to merge.


TeXlive is available for install, just bumped TeXstudio to version 4.5.1 with the language files also enabled for installation, could you do a new check?

PS, a big thumbs up for @jmairboeck for making TeXlive available! :ok_hand:

EDIT after installation is finished, texlive_update.sh will run in the background (postinstall script), maybe best to wait untill that one is finished. :slight_smile:

EDIT2 forgot to mention this is also available for 32bit. :blush:


Yes I tried it… the installation took some time because of this:

I did not know it at first try and I thought it is a bug or something weird is going on…
So I tried again and just waited. It takes some time on a 32bit Intel Atom 1.6GHz!

After install everything worked out of the box with this new version 4.5.1

Beware: It takes a long time for compile your projects, but it works and editing is just nice.

Then I installed it to my 64bit Haiku nightly, and it is working great for me!
I have to ask my son who is better in LateX to test it for throughout.

It is very easy to install now and it just works!
Great for beginners to learn LaTeX now!

Great thanks for this great big port!


Would it be possible to make that .sh run in the foreground, so that the user would know that something is happening, instead of being led to think the installation is finished ?

Or is that something that comes from the original TeX project that we cannot change ?

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If it’s a shell script, we can always patch it to add some calls to “notify” and have notifications near DeskBar.

That is a custom shell script, which is run as a post-install script, so we don’t need a patch and can just edit it:

We could add this before the commands that take a very long time:

notify --group "TexLive" --title "Installation in progress" --messageID 5038 --timeout 10000 "Be patient..."

and when those are done:

notify --group "TexLive" --title "Installation finished" --messageID 5038  "Took long enough...!"

You may want to pick a more random messageID to avoid conflicts with other software :wink:

I created PR #7835 for this (using a less nostalgic messageID :slight_smile: ).

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Although it’s good to have around, it won’t be added to the current package (I think?), but maybe it’s good to have around for a futere bump?

TeXLive 2023 is expected to be released in March, maybe beginning of April (as it was last year). As soon as it is out and I have the time, I will update the port.

So I think, a revbump for rebuilding TeXLive 2022 is probably not necessary.


atm have 639.24 MiB installed for the files for texstudio, it takes a bit for the update.sh to finish, but not that long here, so for me it isn’t that big of a deal, deppending on your setup this could be quite fast …

I am currently in the process of updating TeXLive to 2023 (see the PR here).

Is anyone using ConTeXt on Haiku, or has tried using it? It is not built as part of TeXLive in this version because of build system problems. If there is some demand for it, we should probably create a separate package for it.

On that note: we could probably split some of the tools in texlive_core into their own packages in general, like I already did for t1utils.