Haiku Activity & Contract Report, August 2023 | Haiku Project

This report covers hrev57184 through hrev57256.

It’s worth noting: the main Haiku CI is currently offline as the developer who was hosting the build machine moved to a location with much slower internet. A new build machine and home for the CI has already been selected, but isn’t fully online yet, so the nightly builds are a bit behind at the moment.

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Nice progress and team effort! :ok_hand:


Thanks for your hard work, thanks for Haiku!


Good job everyone!

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Good to see a patch from 2014 finally could be merged
how much in the “Engine Room” (kernel) engineered a lot … :sunglasses:

and summarized the last weeks …

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Holy smokes…that’s a lot of movement guys, congratulations!

Great to see good progress on so many fronts.

I’m just curious why a mail message draft should have its own file type, since it’s semantically still a normal mail message, just with unfinished text. So why not just use the MAIL:flags attribute or a separate attribute MAIL:draft (boolean)? @humdinger

If there are 2 separate types, you cannot simply search for mail message, but always have to include the draft type, which is cumbersome and error prone.

What’s the rationale behind this? Was it the same in BeOS?

It was done mainly to have different icons.

Filetypes are hierarchized, so, drafts can be a subtype of emails, I think? Just like you can search for all image files, no matter if they are jpeg or png or …


Hmmm I see, for the icon…
Afaik mails have the mime type 'text/rfc822’ (at least they should imho😏) but I’m not at my Haiku laptop right now to check…
In that case using the super type would over-generalize.

But it’s not a big deal, just a bit suboptimal from a semantics point of view.
Would be cool to allow dynamic icons based on attribute values😏

On the topic of hierarchical mime-typing… some form of sub-typing for text/x-source-code for different languages would also be cool (so, for example, sorting by Kind on Tracker wouldn’t lump .h, cpp, .sh, and .py files all together).

You can already create your own mime types inside of the FileTypes application, like text/x-c-header or something, but there are some bugs with the file extensions and sniffer rules used for identifying files. You’d have to set the mime type of the files manually or with some other tool.

But, but…I’m lazy!!!

I’ll wait for augiedoggie to fix all those bugs, and to patch things so all it is done auto-magically! :stuck_out_tongue:

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An editor or IDE could easily do that when saving files (based on which syntax coloring you have selected, for example).

Oh, great progress a lot happened!

What happened to @PulkoMandy 's Bugfixes to the translator for Windows to read BeFs files? Where to find it?

Thanks for all your work Developers

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It’s not part of Haiku, but you can find it here: Release 2023.08.30 · HaikuArchives/ReadBFSWindows · GitHub


Ahoy !

When will get Posix and network goodies get into R1B4  ?

They will not, the beta is already released and it gets only bug fixes. You will have to wait for beta 5.

I see. Thanks for your reply. : )

Or use the nightly when those changes are integrated :nerd_face:

Please read the initial question, it was about beta4. not the development branch.

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