Haiku 64 bit boot splash and installer

Since it has been proposed that Haiku 64 bit will be one of the “official” Beta releases, perhaps it is time to consider a new boot splash with 64 bit logo, and redesigning the layout of the installer to more closely match what we currently use on the x86_gcc2 hybrid build.

Current 64 bit boot splash

Current x86_gcc2 hybrid boot splash

Current 64 bit installer

Current x86_gcc2 hybrid installer

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I think 64bit images will only become “official” with the upcoming beta release. Then the build will be configured with the option “–distro-compatibility official” as it’s already done with gcc2hybrid builds, and the Haiku logo will be shown on the boot screen as well as in the Installer.

Yes, we will do this once we flip the switch in making them official. You may have noticed the recent change of time_t on x86_64 to 64bit, which avoids the year 2038 bug (the good news here is that in 2038, we will be forced to drop BeOS compatibility if it survives that long).

Anyway, the idea is that for a few months (weeks?), we devs are still allowed to make breaking changes like this to x86_64. Once we make it “official” (with logo and everything), we commit to some level of ABI stability so such changes won’t be allowed anymore. This is why we aren’t in a hurry to make the change. It is not just about sticking the Haiku logo on it, but about what showing this logo means in terms of finishedness of the system.

Funny enough, I find the installer without logo looking finally better.
I guess the text layout on the left of logo is not the best visual experience for me.

Anyway, that’s only a matter of switching official build to get logo or not. Everything else is the same.

Note that the official releases do not have the ugly “development” stamp on them, just the Haiku logo, so they are yet again slightly different.
But you are right, the text on the right seems to be slightly outside the window, so we have a bug there.

What about moving the logo above instead of to the left of text, as now, then?

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I like that.