GTA III and possibly Vice City running on Haiku

Hello, the last few days I have been interested in Haiku and in making some port to the platform.
So I looked for an open source project that was relatively easy to port.

I came across RE3 which is a re-implementation of the GTA III engine (also GTA VC and LCS).

I added the code for your Haiku build, the instructions are as follows:

pkgman install git gcc cmake premake openal_devel glew_devel glfw_devel libsndfile_devel mpg123_devel
git clone --recursive re3-haiku
premake5 --with-librw gmake2
cd build
make config=debug_haiku-amd64-librw_gl3_glfw-oal




It has really bad performance, and I had to do a dirty hack to run it, and I think that slows down the game so much.

In a while loop that contained code that required d_type, DT_UNKNOWN, DT_REG, DT_LNK I simply commented it out and replaced it with return true


The viewport is bugged, and the size of the frame in windowed mode is not resized correctly

If anyone else is interested in the project or the port I would greatly appreciate the help, as my knowledge of C++ and how Haiku works internally is limited.

I leave the link to the github repository for those who want to compile it, I hope they find it interesting at least