GSoC 2021 Progress Update 2: Modernizing Cardie (Caya) | Haiku Project

Looks like it’s time for me to clutter the blog again!

To start: Since the last update, Caya has been hard-forked and renamed to “Cardie” (short for “cardinal”), which at least fits the “bird theme” of libpurple clients.

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It’s nice to see that something is working (almost) as expected (libpurple), happy to have done a minor submission in that area :slight_smile:


The blog image doesn’t show up on discuss.

It’s nice to see progress on Cardie, this will give us two native xmpp clients to play around with.

I’ll give it a spin soonish

Looks like some great progress was made.

More information on the rename would be good. I guess someone (Dario?) decided they had some sort of trademark on “Caya”? Or maybe just politely asked for the name to be changed? Seems petty but oh well. I personally don’t like the name Cardie. It seems arbitrary and it would have been nice if there was more discussion about the new name outside the GSoC folks. If you want a bird name there are many, many options, and just using Cardinal would have maybe been better in this case.

I know talking about the name is a potential bike shed type issues but I just find the nonchalant “the name was changed to this random thing” aspect here annoying.

With that said I see you have done a lot of work and that is great and sorry if mentioning the name thing seems to denigrate that.


I’m not sure “Caya” (which I think means “shut up!” in Spanish?) was a great choice for a chat application either. Unless there is some other meaning to it?


Thats callete btw (sounds like cayete).

I thought Caya was a good name for the app. Would Haiku ever be able to host a Jabber server in support of the client?

Hi. Spanish native here :grinning: The spelling is different: “Calla” (a conjugation of the verb “Callar”).

Anyways, for me the name is the less relevant thing. Give me a good and solid application, and I will learn to love their name, wathever it is :slight_smile:


Well I agree Caya wasn’t necessarily great, I tried looking it up and yeah I don’t think it has any real meaning. I don’t know if I care that much that it was changed, I just think maybe we could iterate a bit on the new name.

Yes, I am sort-of native Spanish as well (my grandparents were born in Spain and I learnt it from my mother and at school for many years) but I don’t use it often enough anymore and I’m forgetting things :cry:


What’s in a name?

Well, Rolls Royce, which usually calls its cars Silver something, like Silver Ghost, Silver Wraith, etc., once decided to call a car Silver Mist.
German speakers will know why that plan was abandoned.

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With all due respect, maybe let’s not have yet another topic about discussing a relatively minor but user-facing thing that could be changed. The last one became quite the mess and it might be a good idea to let people cool off for a bit.

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It definitely isn’t worth arguing over, I was just curious what happened. We don’t have to worry about it right now and the name Cardie might grow on me.


Yea, it was at Dario’s request, and I probably should’ve asked for suggestions on the last thread. I’m down with changing it, really not attached (though I’d prefer if it kept to two syllables, like “Vision” or “Caya”) :slight_smile:

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How about “Dengon” (message in Japanese)?

Hermes, The messenger of the gods



That was already used once by another IM client (one of the many forks of jabber4beos). But it’s unmaintained, and if everyone has forgotten it, maybe we can consider it available again and hope it doesn’t create too much confusion.

We could also call it just “Chat” or “Messages”, not very creative, but if it’s going to be part of the standard apps (like, say “Mail”) in Haiku, that may be the right thing to do.

What will get really confusing is if this app someday gets video chat support, and Vision doesn’t :sweat_smile:


Hermes would be an excellent name, except that it’s already used by:

1 a large delivery company, and

2 Cambridge University for its mail system

How is that a problem? I don’t think either of these could easily be confused with an instant messaging client?