GSoC 2021 Progress Update 1: Coding style checker bot for Gerrit | Haiku Project

Hey everyone! I am Hrithik (ritz), You can find about my project in my introductory blog. Here’s what I have done so far.

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Nice post. Since you set up the test resource to point to the master branch, you maybe only see changes to master branch.

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  • [CI Documentation]
  • [CI Examples]
  • [Concourse tutorial by Stark & Wayne]
  • [Blog on task inputs and outputs]

Pasting these links here because for some reason the post here does not contain these links from the original haiku blog post. Also I am not allowed to add more than 2 links in the comment :sweat_smile:


You are right! But as of now I could not find any solution to track the patchset changes since they are not stored in some specific branch. Since the pipeline tracks via branch, hence gave the master one. Also if I omit the branch, it automatically tracks the default one i.e master. Maybe I am missing some config I am not aware of. This is all experimental and I am trying out more ideas to make it work…

Yes, that seems very gerrit specific, not an area I am familiar with.

The gerrit resource type you link to from github seems to be what you need, at least from the comments in the example. Notice the resources: source part is different from the git ones: instead of uri and branch, you’ll use the url and query to get a list of changes.

Yes, this makes sense. Since there are no branches for pending Gerrit changes, you have to find them using a different solution, and that is using Gerrit REST APIs to query for them.

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