Godot on Haiku

Our port ist toooooo old now

You can write a godot Editor in yab :wink:

I see that an editor is included in the godot options

Godot -e


Good day,

Testing out Godot on Haiku more seriously, I’m able to get Vim integration with Godot, to edit GDScript scripts:

with a demo project.

Problem is, that settings are not kept from launch to launch. I’ll start reporting this issue and others soon.

Nonetheless, Godot on Haiku is starting to shape up. Kudos @CodeforEvolution and @cocobean for your work!! Thanks!! :+1: :+1: :+1:



Great work on Godot 3, hope it progresses further!

In all honesty, this is prolly not going to happen until Haiku gets some form of Vulkan support for Godot 4. Even CPU-only support might be enough.

I just installed and went to try Godot and ended up with an error: Missing libraries:libGLEW.so.2.1

Does anyone else find it humorous that we are still Waiting for Godot?


Copy libGLEW.so.2.2 from system/lib folder to config/non packaged/lib folder and rename it to libGLEW.so.2.1

The lib was updated…
Or you wait for Godot to be updated too

Why a old version does not exists a half year next by the new one past updating, to give the developer the time to switch to the new one? So programs does not break.

Because somebody made a mistake.
Instead of asking questions like this, one should report it at HaikuPorts, or should help to provide a fixed recipe.
Nobody did any so far.

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Good day,

Back on track with Gamedev and Godot on Haiku:

Imported the project I was working on before the switch, and yes, I can keep working on it on Haiku, though Godot is still a bit unstable and still no audio on Haiku.

Let’s see if I can complete the project (without audio) on Haiku.



Hmmm. What audio chip do you have? :smirk:

Good day @cocobean,

Problem is not the audio chip, it’s the cables… The speakers I have are the ones within the display, and display is plugged through DP and with the USB. It seems that audio is not supported yet through this kind of connection :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’ve already reported this in the bug tracker last year iirc… :thinking:

I’ve been recommended to get some external speakers and plug them through the stereo jack audio connector from the mobo, but I don’t have external speakers :grinning:

Anyway, for now it’s not an issue. Most important is that I can get the project going in Godot and reporting evolution at the gamedev community so people can start to wonder wtf is Haiku :joy: :joy: :joy:


Good day,

And playing around with the .hpkg:


Get the Godot’s icon there, and also Godot 3.2.2 on the Deskbar. Just for testing in case have to have several versions (dreaming… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:) installed at the same time.

I tried making two different packages unpacking the .hpkg and modifying some things inside the hpkgs and the .PackageInfo file without luck. Still need to do more research here.

All this was done inside the /home folder (/boot/home/config/packages) to not mess up anything.

Step by step.


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For testing, you can use my hpkgCreator. Here you can import a package and edit it, then create the new package. And you can store the package as project.

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Here are some screenshots from the newer Godot 3.2.4-rc1 package on Haiku:

Note: Platformer 3D demo project tested.

Use this one mainly for bug kicking…

Update: I’ve add some links to the recent godot 3.2.4-rc1 builds:


Good day @lelldorin,

Yes, I know that hpkgCreator :wink: I first need to understand the package format and what implies each line for the package as a whole … :slightly_smiling_face:
Have to dig into the docs and the use your soft. Thanks for pointing that out. :+1:


Good day,

Well, looks like Godot is starting to work on Haiku, though with issues. I brought my work from Linux to Haiku and started testing with a Game Project (ARO v1.2) which is the Godot port of ARO 1.0 made with Unity.

Right now, Godot keeps the preferences set by the user, interface colors, panels location and so on, which is nice. Still, the Godot software window takes the whole screen and is not resizeable. Some more issues have been already reported on Github:

and some more…

And here some samples of the project running on Haiku:

There is persistence of the main menu across all screens at the moment. The last image shows the Play scene starting, after that scene, the game crashes and so does Godot before even the 3D objects appear. In fact the main menu scene (first image) should show the Game logo and some ships flying by that are not there. The logo can be seen if you do some effort with your eyes, but the rest seems pitch black. Also the menu options show the unfocused mode at the same time as the focused which didn’t happen on Linux. :thinking: video driver playing here? :thinking: :thinking:

Looks like I should take a different approach at the moment and try a very simple game. :laughing:Nonetheless, this is a great improvement over what I experienced back when I first tried to use Godot on Haiku back then.



Good day,

As I said in the prior post, I though I had to take a different approach atm. So I did:

The idea is making a simple game entirely with Godot and ON Haiku, starting from scratch. Yesterday I made some assets with Krita and the Huion digitizer (Huion graphics tablet) and started to use them inside Godot.

There are more issues that I’m discovering as I use Godot, that I will report later on, and make the development in the editor a bit weird (be watel my fliend), and slow, so patience.
Reminds me of the old Macintosh OS 6x days, when I had the bombs of hell every single day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Difference is that on Haiku just kill the process, back on Macintosh had to hard shutdown and boot again. :joy:

The “good thing” about this situation is that I do really have to plan in advance the node tree structure, if not, I end up doing it over and over again… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Let’s see if I can finish a simple small project.


Good day,

Well, looks like “waiting” is the thing to do now. Stalled as Godot now also stalls when trying to open a scene, this after last Haiku update (hrev55001). Will update when things go back to “working”.


Good day,


While waiting to get on with the game, there are still other things that can be done. Like the Icons for Godot files shown in the above pic, properly assigned once I understood the Filetype rules thanks to @nephele.