Godot on 32bit Beta, won't open


I just installed Godot. I get Could not open Godot, missing libmbedtls.so.11. I search my system and I find libmbedtls.so.12.


As a workaround, not warranted to work…depends on ABI stability so you may get missing symbols anyway, add a symbolic link from libmbedtls.so.12 to libmbedtls.so.11 in non-packaged.


Those bug reports should be reported at haikuports.


Should be fixed with godot_x86-3.0.6~git-2.


Wow… is it working now? And if so how well?


Haiku depot version will be updated?


Builds ATM blocked for lack of builders: please follow https://build.haiku-os.org/buildmaster/master/x86_gcc2/