GNUstep - this would be nice to have

GNUstep - this would be nice to have ported, there are plenty of aplications available on Mac OS and ported to GNUstep.

Like this:

Be free to start porting luuvki

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I seem to remember a port of this to BeOS back in the day. It shouldn’t be too hard to port to Haiku. You should create an issue on haikuports/haikuports @ GitHub instead of here. Also, you might need to do a bit of the work to get the ball rolling on this.

I would imagine this depends on objective C support.

There is Objc C support in both GCC and LLVM. I dont know if libDispatch needs to be ported though.

Do not forget about the X11 dependencies.

  1. I find this nice app on ubuntu studio distrib.
  2. Maybe GNUstep have X dependencies.

It definetely needs x11, but also supports windows too, so it should be possible to reimplement the required calls on top of app_server, or just giving it a window to render in it like Qt does. Feel free to experiment with it, but if this the only program, which could be interesting from the GNUStep world, it should be easier to rewrite the program natively.

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I thought there was a ticket for adding support for that on Haiku somewhere or did that get finished?

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It definetely needs x11, but also supports win…

There is some information here under " GNUstep Implementation". As I understand it, for a given platform, it is possible to write a Backend to support integration with a given platform.

Thanks for sharing the PikoPixel app… I needed to find such an app that makes making app icons easy peasy :slight_smile:

By default, GNUStep uses the Cairo 2D graphics library as it’s backend. There is experimental support for output to BeOS by the Cairo library, so it may be trivial to port GNUStep to Haiku. I can’t say for sure though.

Its posible when we have gnustep to port another Mac os aplications? I am nôt a programmer. I have small knowleadge of c++ Android i know what are libs and dependencies Maybe this gnustep would be usefull fór Mac os users who want use haiku.

I don’t think it would be appealing to MacOS users to have GNUStep applications. GNUStep is sort of it’s own interesting objective-c gizmo. On the other hand, Haiku is appealing because it’s Haiku. It has a small, easy to understand code base that works well and is forward thinking even in 2018. Let’s bug fix the night away and add features to the existing OS! I’m working on one of the easy tickets right now, and when I have a little more experience, I want to work on modernizing Tracker.


Don’t take my comment to mean that I don’t think we should work on porting GNUStep - there are just more important things in my mind. I think it would be great to have GNUStep on Haiku!

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I think some of the OS concepts from Étoilé OS could be successful in Haiku, which in some regards (take the database-like file system for instance) is already applying some of that now.

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I remember étoilé. Sadly, the project seemed to have fizzled out as quickly as it got started, and chose Ubuntu as a base… :frowning:

The thing is - you can run GNUStep on many OSs already. You can work on it if you like, of course - but what would your motivation be for doing so? It seems to me a bit like saying you like the look and feel of the Amiga, and would like to go one further by using the Amiga, but having explorer.exe as its desktop. Surely, then, use Windows? I’m not sure I follow.

Something i feel is a haiku lack on the haiku’s windows manager are the might to put windows overall other and mantain it there, yeah haiku is the best way to manage windows today, but this is a good silly skill from linux i miss on haiku os.

If you really want to support the Swift programming language in Haiku it absolutely makes no sense to not support GNUstep too.