GitHub organization for archiving the source to orphaned Haiku/BeOS apps

Called HaikuArchives – – I’m filling it with source code for old Haiku/BeOS/related apps that have been orphaned. Feel free to fork, pull requests with bugfixes will be accepted. Features will not – but why not revive a project instead? Choosing a new name is a good idea, as the original author might get mad. Not very likely, but likely enough you shouldn’t do it.

Contact me to get stuff added or to tell me that you restarted one of these projects – either post a reply or use my private contact forum.

Tell me what you think!

P.S. I will add a gravatar - but GitHub was acting up today anyway. I wanted to use a “vault” icon, but I couldn’t find one that matched Haiku’s looks. Anyone? Otherwise I’ll use the “hard disk” icon.

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Do you know where I can get the source to Haiku? I’ve got it installed and running on a Zbox and I thought a good stress test would be to see whether I can rebuild the whole thing. I found a link a couple of days ago, but it’s dead now. Your post looks like the latest entry on this forum, and it’s two days old. How many Bees are there in this hive?

This is fantastic work.

A few years ago when they posted they were going to take it down, I duplicated the CVS server. is still up but there isn’t much there now.

The BeUnited Development Portal is also still running. I don’t think the CVS server is available anymore but if someone wanted to look over the list of software at to see if there was any additional code/projects not already archived I should have it.

Thanks for saving the programs and source code!

We’re quiet folks around here… :slight_smile:


I think this is a very good idea. Everybody uses Github nowadays and if Github got evil one day, it’d be easy to transition to somewhere else thanks to git. Even the Github pages and the Wikis are in the git repositories itself.

There’s loads of abandoned stuff on and OsDrawer sucks majorly, it’s slow as hell and often enough doesn’t work at all. So if you want to do the world a favor, you could use git-svn to “rescue” the projects from there. I guess it’s a good amount of work though.

Oh and btw, it looks like the Redmine software on OsDrawer hasn’t been updated in a very long time. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it’d suddenly be gone some day, which is another good reason to archive the stuff there.

This is a very great idea.

I got the source code of BeTex by its author miszar.
I made some patch to let it compile on haiku (i put some news on the frontpage with screenshots some months ago). When i will have time i will put my code on this github.

I want to do that, but I don’t have a login and I can’t get repo URLs because they aren’t showing anywhere :frowning:

Do you know the standard URL? (something like svn://$$name$$/, but that doesn’t work)

Sounds good! I can put it up for you now if you’d like – upload a .zip to Google Drive/Dropbox/etc. and then post a reply here. I’ll take care of the rest.

Never mind! Found the URL:$$name$$

some notes :

  • I have started archiving some software here: . Not all of it has sources, but you could upload at least the one that does
  • Can you consider sending an e-mail to haiku-development and/or haiku-3rdparty mailing lists ? I think you will get more echo there than on the forums.
  • It would be nice if you add relevant information as to where you got the source from. For example, VNCViewer has various different forks around, and so does BeAE, possibly others. If you make it clear where you got the sources from, it’s easier to merge the newer versions in (or replace the repo or whatever).

Well done waddlesplash, good to see someone saving this stuff!

Choosing a new name is a good idea, as the original author might get mad. Not very likely, but likely enough you shouldn’t do it.

Not to be rude or anything, but you do realize that trademarks expire when the they are no longer in uses. Right?!

Looks like BeUnited got moved to OsDrawer anyway:

Not to be rude or anything, but you do realize that trademarks expire when the they are no longer in uses. Right?!

I don’t know about the law and this, but law never stopped anyone from getting mad, sadly :(.

[quote=waddlesplash]Looks like BeUnited got moved to OsDrawer anyway:

Good find waddlesplash. That does make it more accessible. Glad to hear the BeUnited folks were thinking ahead.


Perhaps you should team up with ans also allow Changes to the code, dead/unchanged code will probably not work on Haiku anyway.


I’ll accept patches to the GitHub repos – and you can open issues on them as well.

Hi. First of all, great initiative!
Second: I noticed you imported the source of BeScreenCapture from OsDrawer.
I’m the original developer of BeScreenCapture, and I had already set up a github repo for it, and the code was updated, so the version you’ve picked up is very old.
The url of the official repository of BeScreenCapture is this:


If anyone would like to post any of the projects I’ve done over the years (SimplyVorbis, Capital Be, BePhotoMagic, etc.), they are welcome to do so and even continue the name if they like. Just sayin’. :slight_smile:


Hey DarkWyrm!

Long time no see! We’d much rather see you continuing those apps (and especially Paladin) :slight_smile:
Or maybe a new lesson in your coding workshop?

WRT the topic: If anyone fosters an orphaned app, it should be considered to create a .bep file for haikuporter for it. That way, it’ll be prepared for package managment (or at least one step further to it).


And remember to mark it off this list:

Jackburton: acknowledged! Removed the BeScreenCapture repo.

As for the other info that has recently been posted, I’m going to create a site that will contain all info that was posted here, and then some.