GitHub organization for archiving the source to orphaned Haiku/BeOS apps

Apologies for the thread necrology, but is there a tutorial on contributing to Haiku Archives for those of us whose git skills are strictly Remedial? Use small words and speak slowly, please :slight_smile:

I’m looking to slim down my repos and moving source code to the Archives would be a good start.

So, here’s how it goes:

  1. There’s a guidelines page on creating repos for HaikuArchives. Follow the instructions there on preparing the code for Git.
  2. Create the repository: run git init . in a Terminal in the root of the repository.
  3. Add all files and commit them: run git add . && git commit -m "Import code."
  4. Create a GitHub repository (there’s a rather large “New” button on the site.)
  5. Push the code to the GitHub repository: git push <url>
  6. Go to the repository settings (“Admin”) page, and send a transfer request to me (@waddlesplash) (you can’t transfer to HaikuArchives directly; only admins can do that, so just send it to me.)

Note that:

  1. Generally I’m only accepting actual “apps”, meaning, not random Yab scripts or the like.
  2. If you wrote the software or “adopted” it and are maintaining it on any basis at all, just keep it on your own GitHub account; no need to add it to HaikuArchives.

Michel, I’ve just been through the GitHub adventure, and found it not too horrifying! :grinning: Now have a repository there, and got the ArtPaint stuff pulled to HaikuArchives.

One thing I found of great help, if you haven’t looked at it yet, is the Git Book Seems to be pretty clear, including how to interact with GitHub.

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OK, thanks. I’ve put up a small game to test the waters. PM me if anything went wrong.

Looks all good; I’ve transferred it in to Thanks!