Gemini support for WebPositive

WebPositive supports HTTPS and Gopher, so I think it would make sense to also include basic support for Gemini. I dont think it would be too difficult to implement.


Then adding Spartan (like Gemini markup transported without TLS) too would be consequent…

If all else fails, there always is a friendly proxy somewhere: Gemini Portal
This one helps with Gemini and Spartan.


They are a couple of Gemini clients available at HaikuDepot:

  • Kristall
  • Lagrange

Newer Elinks supports Gemini for quite a while now and Emacs as browser for nearly everything has Elpher as loadable add-on which includes Gemini too.

I typically use Elpher or those proxy pages for Gemini, Spartan (not yet in Elpher), Gopher stuff and other clients mostly for an occasional test.

Needing to switch browsers/viewers when a link passes the border between protocols is annoying. “Modern” browsers converge to single protocol network enabled file viewers, so apart from dangerously over-featured markup renderers, they become kind of siblings of more now instead of the one lens used to load and view them all, what the first browsers were meant to be. A trend that should be stopped! (Dreaming is still allowed?)

There should be modularity in the network stack. Having an object-oriented OS should allow shared code to exist between different protocols without allowing browsers to become 64 meg monsters. Originally, the worldwide web’s HTTP was one of many protocols including FTP, IRC and so on. Each was a different transport protocol for a different means of communication. Each had its own viewer.

If Web+ development has been an indication of anything, it’s that modularity is being lost in the shuffle in the unwieldly beureaucracy of monopolistic oligarchs in the tech sector. If anything is to happen to the web browser concept, it should be broken up into more manageable chunks. The one lens needs to become stereoscopic at a minimum.

I’m sure Gemini is the only missing thing from WebPositive.

What is gemini? It would be great if you explained something like that and you don’t just hear it, it’s needed. I do not know and therefore do not need it.