Gambas on Haiku?

Who are the people trying to port Gambas to Haiku ? - is there a contact possible ?
What I am mainly missing on Haiku actuallly is something like Visual Basic on Windows … and yes. Gambas could be an alternative.

More i can´t found: haikuports/dev-lang/gambas/patches at master · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

Good day @lelldorin,

Might need to check a bit your proposal. If I can make a GUI in YAB and write the core in NIM, it would be Haiku native apps, with a statically typed, safe language that is easy to read too.

Though I presume that there is no way to expose YAB created GUIs to other languages?


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  • Visual Basic 16.9 (comparables)
    • Yab 1.8.1-3 for Haiku
    • Gambas 3.17.2 for Haiku

The last port for Gambas was Gambas 3.15.90 (3dEyes).

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I think there will be many parallels between the yab gui elements and those of c or c++. yab accesses the API, so it should be low-level.

If I knew how the yab widgets (GUI elements) were written in c or c++, you could use yab to build an editor for GUIs and then export them as a foreign language.

I don’t have any knowledge of GUI programming in c or c++, so someone should help and tell me how these are defined and put together. If I were to start learning C or C++ now, I would (according to the books) have to start from scratch, which means I would be light years away from GUI programming. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

The export gui would probably not be a finished program at the end, but only the GUI elements for an application or game, a help tool.

So - at least I found out, that I am not able running Gambas on Haiku

If somebody is able - please let me know

With a quick view over all DataTYPES Gambas is using, I am quite sure, that i will not have any problems Linking the Haiku API with Gambas

If somebody else would like going this way, then there might be a chance for GambasOS

… and then i will start with a RestaurationOS or PhotogrammetricOS

Fotografie , Ihre Digitalkamera kann mehr als Sie glauben, Bad Kissingen, Franken, - YouTube - 3D Knowledgebase

so … Take me #STUPID … but honestly i am even not able to understand, what is dotPATCH … i am a relict from dotCOM Times :))) … so … what damned is dotPATCH ? … and how can i run Gambas on Haiku ?

Ich hatte mit dem Haiku-USER lorglas einen Dialog und möge er die Erkenntnisse daraus veröffentlichen

Aber hier mal das WICHTIGSTE:


Gibt es irgendwo eine Aufstellung aller DATENTYPEN, die das HAIKU API verwendet ? bzw. ist da irgendein Datentyp dabei, der sich mit Gambas nicht nachbilden lässt ?

Solange es keine lauffähiges Gambas für Haiku gibt, wird dir das keiner Beantworten können. Portiere Gambas zu Haiku und finde es heraus. Gambas scheint hier momentan niemanden wichtig zu sein, daher gibt es wohl auch keinen richtigen Port.

Haiku hat viele Dateitypen, wenn es um Grafik geht, so wirst Du sicherlich die Standard Typen haben wie GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF… aber da Du dich anscheinend mit Grafikbearbeitung befasst, wirst Du wohl Ausschau halten nach ROW Formaten von Canon , Olympus…

Ich denke die größte Auswahl an unterstützten Grafikformaten bekommst Du durch das Kommandozeilen Programm ImageMagick auf Haiku.

As long as there is no working Gambas for Haiku, no one will be able to answer that for you. Port Gambas to Haiku and find out. Gambas doesn’t seem to be important to anyone here at the moment, so there’s probably no real port either.

Haiku has many file types, when it comes to graphics you will surely have the standard types like GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF… but since you seem to be dealing with graphics editing, you will probably look out for ROW formats from Canon, olympus

I think you get the widest range of supported graphic formats using the command line tool ImageMagick on Haiku.


Es geht darum, ob Du mit einer Programmiersprache wirklich auf das volle Haiku-API zugreifen kannst

D.h. schaut man sich die DatenTYPEN einer Programmiersprache an und vergleicht die mit den DatenTypen des Betriebssystems

Why this thread then is EXISTING ? … there are obviously more people who are thinking, that something better is needed on Haiku then YAB

Why not a GambasOS ? … this might be possible if i compare the DataTYPES … but a YAB-OS

Where can i find all DATATYPES of YAB ?

This actually is looking quite good …

I just dont know what dotPATCH is - otherwise i would try it

Hello Mark,

  1. start gambas, look in this thread if you have gambas installed on haiku.

gbx3 in the terminal.

  1. Yab doesn’t support all datatypes at the moment. Take a look at

  2. dotPATCH, forget it.



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Hi, does one have a old recipe for gambas.

Patchfile existing in haikuports, but were is the recipe to this files.

Regards lorglas

it doesnt work …and if i would have developed Gambas i also would try taking control over this distribution.

The problem always is: ITS FREE - really ???

Haiku Distro Guidelines | Haiku Project (

Patch for latest gambas -


export LDFLAGS="-lnetwork -lbsd"
./configure --enable-qt5 --enable-qt5webkit --enable-qt5opengl --disable-v4l --disable-gtk --disable-gtk3 --disable-qt4 --disable-x11 --disable-pdf --disable-mysql

PS: It’s not complete. Just fixed build


A few books and sample programs exist - look under the ‘PlayGround’ and ‘Help | Books’ links on the main website. You can use the web-based Gambas interpreter to run various examples and review pre-exisiting solutions.

Note: You can review the Haiku web browsers for the web-based Gambas Playground environment for reviewing of samples/examples and docs…

Professional BASIC compilers are the next level though…

Gambas 3.17.2 on Haiku (hrev_56106): :star_struck:


…and to add informations, gambas ressources and softwares are here: