Test about fpcupdeluxe under Haiku:
Original download site:


  • GNU make
  • binutils (make etc); e.g. in a package called build-essential
  • bunzip2
  • unzip
  • untar
  • subversion client: svn
  • libQt5Pas (save in same directory as fpcupdeluxe to run in terminal)

Release version:


  • Load and run but is unable to generate any functional.

    Showed errors/warnings:
    - In program:
    Can not set LC_CTYPE locale
    - In terminal:
    QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
    QBackingStore::endPaint() called with active painter; did you forget to destroy it or call QPainter::end() on it?

- Do not load.

  Showed error:

Could not resolve symbol ‘QTextEdit_setPlaceholderText’
resolve symbol “QTextEdit_setPlaceholderText” returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

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QTextEdit class is part of widgets library (libQt5Widgets.so). Is it linked in?


And into fpcupdeluxe.lpr:
34 {$L libstdc++.so.6}
35 {$L libQt5PrintSupport.so.5}
36 {$L libQt5Widgets.so.5}
37 {$L libQt5Gui.so.5}
38 {$L libQt5Network.so.5}
39 {$L libQt5Core.so.5}

Wow, I just wrote I need fpcuptheluxe functional ‘urgently’ and I see someone is actually trying to manage just that! I hope you get it going!! I tried the precompiled version from S40in, but indeed, unstable. Though I don’t see Qt related errors there, just target building issues.

I’m testing a lot with Lazarus/FPC in the Lazarus screenshots discussion :slight_smile:


I have opened this thread because a prefer dont mix with lazarus.

Inf reference to serial communications a have little experience. I think some use synaser but thereis another option probably from a solution created by jurasic pork user called TLazSerial (in Online Package Manager).
And…Have you tryed PascalScada? https://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/PascalSCADA
Lazarus 2.0.6 & 2.0.8 have OPM (Online Package Manager).
Both compiled with freepascal 2.0.4 so we have to wait for newer versions of freepascal & Lazarus.
For first time thereis also a freepasal version for Haiku 64 bits (yet beta) /pub/fpc/beta/3.2.0-rc1
It install correctly and compile OK
fp IDE is not functional.
There are some others solutions that runs with freepascal:
- msegui/mseide. (https://github.com/mse-org).
- fpgui. (fpgui.sourceforge.net)
- ultibo (embeded). (https://ultibo.org)
msegui/mseide & fpgui works under linux with xorg but i doubt it works under Haiku.
Do not hope i released any functional, i am only a simple low skills programmer, i only test some things.
S40in have a high level of knogledge about freepascal & lazarus.

Sorry for my poor english, my native language is spanish.