Test about fpcupdeluxe under Haiku:
Original download site:


  • GNU make
  • binutils (make etc); e.g. in a package called build-essential
  • bunzip2
  • unzip
  • untar
  • subversion client: svn
  • libQt5Pas (save in same directory as fpcupdeluxe to run in terminal)

Release version:


  • Load and run but is unable to generate any functional.

    Showed errors/warnings:
    - In program:
    Can not set LC_CTYPE locale
    - In terminal:
    QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
    QBackingStore::endPaint() called with active painter; did you forget to destroy it or call QPainter::end() on it?

- Do not load.

  Showed error:

Could not resolve symbol ‘QTextEdit_setPlaceholderText’
resolve symbol “QTextEdit_setPlaceholderText” returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

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QTextEdit class is part of widgets library (libQt5Widgets.so). Is it linked in?


And into fpcupdeluxe.lpr:
34 {$L libstdc++.so.6}
35 {$L libQt5PrintSupport.so.5}
36 {$L libQt5Widgets.so.5}
37 {$L libQt5Gui.so.5}
38 {$L libQt5Network.so.5}
39 {$L libQt5Core.so.5}

Wow, I just wrote I need fpcuptheluxe functional ‘urgently’ and I see someone is actually trying to manage just that! I hope you get it going!! I tried the precompiled version from S40in, but indeed, unstable. Though I don’t see Qt related errors there, just target building issues.

I’m testing a lot with Lazarus/FPC in the Lazarus screenshots discussion :slight_smile:


I have opened this thread because a prefer dont mix with lazarus.

Inf reference to serial communications a have little experience. I think some use synaser but thereis another option probably from a solution created by jurasic pork user called TLazSerial (in Online Package Manager).
And…Have you tryed PascalScada? https://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/PascalSCADA
Lazarus 2.0.6 & 2.0.8 have OPM (Online Package Manager).
Both compiled with freepascal 2.0.4 so we have to wait for newer versions of freepascal & Lazarus.
For first time thereis also a freepasal version for Haiku 64 bits (yet beta) /pub/fpc/beta/3.2.0-rc1
It install correctly and compile OK
fp IDE is not functional.
There are some others solutions that runs with freepascal:
- msegui/mseide. (https://github.com/mse-org).
- fpgui. (fpgui.sourceforge.net)
- ultibo (embeded). (https://ultibo.org)
msegui/mseide & fpgui works under linux with xorg but i doubt it works under Haiku.
Do not hope i released any functional, i am only a simple low skills programmer, i only test some things.
S40in have a high level of knogledge about freepascal & lazarus.

Sorry for my poor english, my native language is spanish.

FPCUPdeluxe 2.2.0e is now available in the depot for 32bit and 64bit.
Run it from Deskbar, not from Terminal (from Terminal it will try to run from /system/bin but it needs r/w support hence it’s installed in ~/config/non-packaged/bin as FPCUPdeluxe :slight_smile: