Forum bad software


Well, Chuck, I’ve sent you the email with the confirmation code (last time Nov. 1st) from my private email account. There’s nothing more we can do. You could try setting up an email account with another provider.


Are you sitting down? I did it, I did it. The “dev” forum thing must have had the email verify thing fixed because, just as expected, I requested a verify email AND THERE IT WAS, IN MY SPAM FOLDER. When I was trying it during our original conversation, no email showed up, either in inbox or spam. So, drum roll, I am now a verified member. Too bad my entire life has changed in the mean time and I no longer have the time to help with Haiku development but I do download the nightly every once in a while and try them out. Haiku is getting very close to being a real operation system now. It is too bad a lot of device manufacturers make their product proprietary, impossible to write a device driver when you have no specs.


That happens. Haiku will still be here in need of devs when your situation changes.
Write down that password… :slight_smile:


As far as verification emails are concerned, I don’t generally fret when I don’t get them. It never occurred to me to care. I just went about using the forums. I use discuss, dev, and review without problems. I don’t think I ever bothered checking for a confirmation email for any of them.

Welcome to the team. Even occasional testers are needed. Thanks for pointing out flaws. It’s how things get fixed.


Well, if you don’t get the one for password reset, you can’t reset your password, so…


I am good. Did not need a reset, I needed that stupid email verify thingie. Finally got it.