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I would absolutely love to participate in the Haiku development process. Unfortunately, whoever runs the development forum does not ever check the contact at Haiku email. I have sent at least four email for five emails to that address trying to get my user ID verified to the point where I can use the tools you have available to dump the information back from where the debugger craps out and I have to continue with the es command. My email address is chuckcmagee at msn dottie com. The Forum software tells me that it says sent a email verification to that email address so that I can verify who I am and gain full capabilities in the Forum. This is the unfortunate part, I never get the email I hit resend I never get that one I hit resend again I never get the third one Ad nauseam. I write an email to contact at haiku. I never get an answer. I ran another email to contact. I never get an answer. I write an email to contact haiku. I never get an answer.

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And, of course, I make a typo in the middle of my my blankety blank blank email address the correct address is chuckcmagee atta msn dottie com.

I discovered one could go back and edit post so i corrected email addy.

And this should go without saying but I guess I have to because nobody knows common sense. obviously, if you’re going to give out a email to write to if you’re having difficulties with an account it would be of great import that said account was monitored by a human being. What a concept. I’ll shut up now bye

I’m afraid I can’t help with your problem, but I can advise you not to write your email plainly in the forum - it’s likely to get you a lot of junk mail!

I had the same issue when signing up, I never got the verification email. Its apparently a bug. What you need to do is change your email address to something else, then change it back then get another email sent out

fixed that problem, i had forgotten the dread lands of forumdom.

Haiku, Inc is a company that deals exclusively with financial aspects. It does not deal with this kind of issue.

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well, I’ll need to check. I do believe that the message for trouble said to email contact at this domain name and I got the name domain name from the ww.w address at the top of the screen so I don’t know what to tell you.

the mountain out of a molehill stories coming to mind for some reason.

well I tried the change my email address " fix ". Did not fix anything!! Surprise (not). I did not receive an email at the new address either so I continue to have restricted status. Sucks as far as I’m concerned. I modified a 200,000 line COBOL compiler using IBM 1130 assembler language, I added the CORRESPONDING adverb and non-ANSI standard automatic data compression to save disk space. So. yes. a wasted resouce. would be nice to get in there with the boys, oh well…

For the email address fix you needed to change your address back to the orginal address. Not sure if the new address will work. This worked for me, but I’m not sure how reliable a fix it is

I did that, changed it back to original chuckcmagee attack micro soft network com. Nothing, noda, no go, F**k. I really COULD BE a valuable resource if I had SAME ACCESS AS OTHER PEOPLE reporting Haiku run time bugs. I mean, I changed a COBOL compiler consisting of at least 200,000 lines of code! God damn it. Access to and knowledge of how to use the tools provided (to some, anyway) would improve my contribution from it’s current ZERO to perhaps something larger than ZERO. Yes, extremely pissed off here. I gave $100.00 to this project. So what, you ask? Well, actions speak louder than words people. You can claim to care about the project and not do shit or, like me, you can make earnest efforts towards our mutual goals,


@nielx is looking into why some confirmation mails don’t reach their recipients. I don’t know how far his investigation has come.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. If you have patches to contribute, maybe we can have someone else add them to a ticket until your confirmation comes through.

Or maybe the emails went into the spam box, just happened to me.

First off, thank you for your donation! :slight_smile:

I think part of the issue is everyone might be somewhat confused on what you are experiencing issues with. You keep referencing “the development forum” We are in the forums right now, it appears you’re speaking about our bug tracker… different system.

@humdinger was correct, Haiku, Inc. doesn’t manage the bug tracker or any of the other infrastructure services. It’s run by a team of unpaid volunteer administrators doing it in their free time.

I checked the logs and do see the emails going out to you and the MSN servers are accepting the emails:

2017-10-20T10:02:41.745445+02:00 vmdev postfix/smtp[28810]: 8E946683C9: to=<chuckcmagee AT>,[]:25, delay=4.2, delays=0.19/0.01/3.9/0.08, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as A46163701F57)

I’d check your spam box at your account. We really don’t have any control on what msn classifies as spam.

Let us know if you find it.


@chuckcmagee, a week ago I “manually” mailed your confirmation code to your MSN address from my GMail address. Haven’t heard from you since. If that mail didn’t reach you either, you may want to think about changing providers…

I found this as an junk email. Sorry, life has been complicated lately as in NUMEROUS doctor visits, etc. I have not been back to the Haiku forum in a relatively long time. I sent you a email requesting your generous time be once again spent on helping me with this dilemma. Now that I am aware of your noble efforts on my behalf, I will be looking for the soon to be beloved code . Will be wondrous to finally, finally be part of the team with the full set of provided tools at his disposal. Looking forward to better and more productive days with all of you.

Hmm, I just requested the now infamous verification email be sent to said address 3 times in a row. My email addy is totally correct. Been using for literally years, ever since Microsoft Network started in 90s. I repeatedly refreshed the web based over and over, no email in inbox, no email in junk, as in nothing. So… ??? We will see if our fellow member’s efforts are more effective. It was / is my belief that the tools etc. I need are associated with the same website I am having all the problems with. If I have made a bad assumption, please help me out with where and how I can find the tools mentioned in numerous places to help with reported debug " thuds" when running the daily image of Haiku. Writing down all the registers, etc. is indeed extremely tedious (understatement). I did it once! At least the write it down part. I never did figure out in what format and where to send the information to. I own at least 14 laptops and around 5 desktop computers. Talk about machines available to test the daily image!! I have them and the knowledge and ability to use them in a super productive way. Just need some help getting started on all of this. Like previously stated, I successfully changed a IBM COBOL compiler, written entirely in IBM 1130 Assembly code, to make the generated code much more efficient for the human programmers. Prime example being implementing the CORRESPONDING adverb in COBOL. With one line of code, the programmer and compiler will generate all the moves needed.

[quote=“chuckcmagee, post:17, topic:6163”]
I found this as an junk email.[/quote]

Chances are the half dozen mails from Trac were sorted there, too.

I never got that mail. MSN does appear to suck quite a bit.

WebPositive comes with links to documentation, esp. to the “Welcome” page. There, the link to Tips for a helpful bug report should be helpful.

I just clicked on that " tips " link you posted for me. EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED, as far as me helping out with Haiku developement. The verify thing I have given up on… If I can manage all the stuff in “tips”, that one website might not be needed by me. I really am totally disgusted with that particular implementation. I know you kept / keep saying " Look in your spam / junk folder, " but I never get anything there either. I am going to let that " thing " slide if I can do it that way. I will need some time to study the tips thing and see if I need to screw with the website that is giving me so much heartburn.