Font installer Tracker Addon

Font Installer Tracker addon

Updated 22 Jun 2017

Did you ever have the need to quickly install, on Haiku, fonts which you download from internet or grabbed from another disk, but you don’t know where to put them?

Well, on Haiku we have the “non-packaged” folders, but we also have the magnificient package manager and so the hpkg format :wink:

So, if you want to install a font as hpkg (the recommended way), but you don’t know how to make an hpkg file (or if you find this process too much complex), I made this Tracker addon which take care of the whole process: it will make, on the fly and very quickly, an hpkg of the fonts file.

You just have to right click on the font, select the “Add-ons” context menu in Tracker and select “AddFont” addon, and voilà: the font will be instantly installed as hpkg in the packages folder on Haiku.

You will need an GCC2_Hybrid nightly build of Haiku. I don’t offer support for X86_64 nor for the ancient Alpha 4, sorry.

Download link:

~ 22 Jun 2017 - ver, 1.1 now, each kind of font (*.otf or *.ttf) is placed in the properly font’s folder : /data/fonts/otfonts or /data/fonts/ttfonts
Still missing/ToDo: add support for psfonts

Please notice that this 1.1 version, still has some limitations: for now you can only install just one font at a time.
This addon is based on TrackerScript: (here on GitHub I am unable to find the exact license and the original author; i had this app on BeOS, back in the years, and IIRC, was released under the MIT license.

P.S: I didn’t put it on GitHub (yet) 'cause I don’t found very comfortable and easy GitHub.
However is just and almost a kind of wrapper for a bash script.


Very useful app we got here…
Will try and use it for sure!

What kind of fonts are supported? ttf, otf, Type 1 fonts? Hope all…

Great app to have thanks very much…

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Is based on the file extension (so you can also install fonts from a NTFS disk, where Haiku can’t handle all the mime-types); so I added *.ttf and *.otf, the most commons.
However, looking ath the table on this page: the True Type 1 fonts, have the *.ttf extension: so yes: are supported.

Edit: version updated with some improvements, but still missing the support for ps fonts.

Ah yes sorry… I meant The Post Script Typ 1 fonts from Adobe (ps) not the TrueType fonts from Windows…
But OpenType is very good to have…
Anyway good idea to improve this add on…
Great idea…

Heya - I have loved this on my 32 bit Haiku setup - might we ever see a version for x86_64 ??? I want to move there for most of my Haiku computing…


Can someone add this to haikuarchives? Or did he not release the source code? A 64 bit port would be nice.


The package is found here, in 32-bit only.