(Finally) done with the big Haiku Beta review!

I apologize to the community it has taken this long to write the beta review I promised after doing the obsolete “pre-beta” set…

But today, I’m pleased to say that after being long overdue with it, I’m done! And in time for Christmas!

My hope is the review should be worth the wait, as I really thought of this as a special review for a long hoped for release of the Haiku operating system. While it’s not a secret I love the Mac (and also still use Gnu/Linux), the BeOS and Haiku really does have a sweet spot in my digital soul, and I wanted to let that speak for itself in my voyage with it. There’s close to 10,000 words + 180 screen clippings used in my review, so there’s plenty of Haiku to see and love. :love_letter: So definitely get a cup of coffee and find a free hour, because you might need it. :coffee: :slight_smile:

Thanks, all, and I hope you enjoy the tour! :smile: And though I’m saying it late…

Happy beta, Haiku! :sparkler: :fireworks: :balloon: :birthday: :cake: :champagne: :cocktail: :confetti_ball: :wine_glass:

Article links:

Official review as :compass: :flying_saucer: The OS Voyager:

And also on my Medium blog:

Happy holidays to Haiku and to everyone!

I truly hope you enjoy the read and the rest of 2018!


You’ll have much more luck with Mail on the nightly builds; there were quite a few fixes to it merged over the previous few months. Not sure what your comment about “secure authentication” is about – Mail supports TLS, and Gmail works just fine, at least on the nightlies. (Mail on the beta may just crash a lot.)

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Thanks, @waddlesplash! I will definitely try Mail out on the latest Nightlies (I don’t think I’ve tried a Nightly since the Beta came out), and see if that makes a difference. In any case, I really hope you enjoyed reading the review. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the very good review of Haiku. I would encourage you to break this up into smaller segments and have it posted on Distrowatch, as articles that run over multiple weeks. This is a great way to introduce more people to this great OS, while at the same time not over-hyping expectations for this very young Beta release.

I am enjoying the Bootman, boot loader as an easy way to boot multiple Linux distros. Works great as long as you put the Linux boot loader into the linux root partition.

Thanks again to all that have worked so hard, to bring the Beos experience to the modern day desktop!


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How could I get this on DistroWatch? I looked into DistroWatch Weekly, but I think that’s for DW writers only.

I did look into this: https://opensource.com/submission-style-guide but I saw I’d have to break the article up into a series in the future. Hopefully, when Beta 2 is out, I can do that.

And I do plan to get a channel started on YouTube and maybe Vimeo, so I’m hoping to reach a wider audience much as I can.

Great job on the articles. I recently found this one as well while poking around the interwebs:

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Great read… thx…

The good news… plenty of choices to paint with, like the included WonderBrush

Btw. WonderBrush is included for the Haiku Beta1 32bit Version only…
As I know the 64bit Version will be worked on…

Excellent work, cleared up a LOT for this newbie!

this is one of the best apps on Haiku, as it shows the power of indexing on the BeOS.

I think you mean BeFS here. Best, …Monty.

PS: OMG it really took me a week to realize all those feathers in the logo are actually profiles of leaves!

No animals were killed or harmed to produce the Haiku logo. Maybe we should add this mention somewhere :smile: