File sync apps

Is yet now haiku have a filesync like megasync or else ?

Rsync maybe?

Rsync is hard for me now, is any option cloud management in haiku ? I cant open web in webpositive.

You can use the dropbox_uploader script. It’s not an “automated and syncronize” tool, but you can download and upload files and folders into and from Dropbox.

Best thing I know of is maybe to use Google Drive, but this isn’t built into Haiku so it would work by uploading and downloading stuff from the browser as 1/2 a solution.

But this does kind of bring up a unique idea for the future… Haiku R2 or something way in the times beyond like R3 could come up a local “cloud” feature of sorts, like where if there’s several Haiku machines on a local network, they can talk to each other without the need for an outside service like iCloud

As said in a previous thread, I have a port of owncloud/nextcloud clients in the works.