Using Google Drive under Haiku

I’m learning about Haiku.
What’s the situation on Google Drive in the year 12019*?

I’m not a big user of Google Drive, but I can up/download files with Web+ and other browsers (I think I recently used Otter for that succesfully).

[I moved your thread to a new one, as resurrecting 5+ year old threads is normally frowned upon… :)]

Thank you, didn’t know, was of the opinion that it’s good to keep a chronological history of the topic.

Are you running Haiku right now?
If so, could you try to see if it works and if you can edit Google Docs (the super easy way to access them is by going to (Google just introduced a new domain .new, which makes some of Google stuff really easy to access)), because I was running, Arch, Debian, Manjaro and now Chrome OS, in hopes that I could work without major delays/lags, because I’m running on Atom N270 (1 core, 2 threads, 1.60 GHz). But non of these managed to make writing Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, a smooth experience, probably because of the Chromium that I was running, so I had to resolve to CLI downloading Google Drive files and then editing them locally.

This will probably not work very well on Haiku using the main WebPositive browser. The browser itself is lightler than Chromium, but it is also severely lacking in optimizations for the drawing/rendering parts, and has known problems on the network side as well.

We are slowly working on fixing all these problems, but it takes a lot of time and the web keeps introducing new features to keep us busy on that.

As PulkoMandy said, Haiku may not be very well suited for using Google docs at the moment. Especially on low end hardware.

I just tried it, and it’s actually more usable with Web+ than Otter Browser. Otter has that annoying pegging-a-core-for10+seconds on many websites that makes using Google Docs a right PITA. Web+, which by contrast doesn’t use qtwebkit, but haikuwebkit does better in that regard, but is a bit unstable here…

You can try for yourself and report on your experiences.

You might also want to look at alternatives like ownCloud & NextCloud, which I ported the client for, although I still need to upstream the patches.


But I don’t believe those support Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, which are vital to me.

When do you plan to upstream the client?

I would love to see it running in Haiku!

There’s a draft PR for owncloud already.

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Great. Hope it gets available and that I can use it with two Nextcloud installations.

Most of all, I would love a direct implementation of WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV in Haiku.