Example code for 3rd party app development

Hi, i am not a pc programmer, but i start learn C-C++ and i have experiences with allegro and making simple games now i try to experiment with simple gui programs for Haiku and i start searching for examples.

I try to make program for sending texts over the network Copy on one Haiku and Paste on another PC.

I need some examples is here someone who can me post link to some Haiku example codes i find on github some beos examples :smiley:

here is my test witch i play this days,

thanks, haiku is fantastic OS, all in one i dont need install build-essential like in debian :smiley:


There’s DarkWyrm’s “Programming with Haiku” as an intro to coding with the Be/HaikuAPI. It predates Haiku’s layout management, though.

Of course, there’s always the apps shipping with Haiku, apps and preferences. Another good resource are all the applications hosted at HaikuArchives.


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clipdinger is already quite handy. Did you try it?

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clipdinger is nice, i dont know about it.

my idea is to get current text from clipboard and send it to another pc i dont know how do account system but is very big area to play with it, maybe will be good to have daemn who allways run and wait for incoming message. i have inspiration when i see one of the video by apple on the youtube about copy paste acros a devices

Can you elaborate on the kind of other PC where you want to paste the text? Would it be a PC in your personal network or a PC anywhere on the internet?
Maybe UploadIt Tracker Add-On could fill your need? It’s quite simple but sufficient for sharing something when you don’t mind about privacy.

computer on the some network connected to one router, like you want copy link from browser and open it on tablet or another etc linux pc

I’m not a programmer so don’t laugh at me. Perhaps you could look at the code for Warpinator from Linux Mint. It shares files across a local network and has apps for Linux, Win, MacOS, Android. Perhaps there is some inspiration in that code. There is also the Be / Haiku program BeShare that is a server / client model that may offer some inspiration.

To copy/paste URL’s I use IRC on different laptops.
For file sharing across the network you could use Gerbera (web interface)