[duplicate] Haiku development environment inside Haiku

Good day,

I would like to run Haiku inside Haiku for “development”/testing purposes in a way that the main system isn’t modified. Using QEMU on Haiku to run Haiku inside Virtual Machines is damn slow, and I constantly get locks of QEMU that make any task tedious, long, and makes me feel that I have some kind of hand motion disease.

Running Haiku in a container at the moment is not possible afaik. I’m thinking about the podman/toolbox approach used by Fedora on the Silverblues.

Is there any way in which I could run a “Haiku Session” inside a folder, where I could use pkgman to install packages just for use inside the “session”, and when the session is removed, no trace of those packages is left on the base system? And be able to have different “Sessions” for different uses.

Any insight on how to do that would be sincerely appreciated.


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