Driver for Broadcom BCM 4313


My name is Alex, and I already posted here once. I felt like returning to Haiku, I wanted to look what’s new and I’m really please to see the recent progress! I love the enthusiasm of this community.

So I wanted to give it a go and I installed Haiku on my hardware, dualboot with Xubuntu. It’s all good, but one problem still persists. I have an unfortunate BCM 4313, which (unlike BCM 4312) isn’t supported by Haiku, so I have no internet connection on it. Thus, I’m going to use Haiku for undistracted fiction writing and coding - being offline has it’s uses.

But I still want to make Haiku use wi-fi. Did anything change since 2 years ago? How can I at least theoretically make it work? Is there a way to turn Windows BCM 4313 driver to FreeBSD driver, and from it to Haiku driver? Any help or advice appreciated. (It doesn’t help that I’m not a programmer, just an amateur coder.)

I wish you all a good day!

You just failed at the reading test. Go to the Forum front site and use the correct thread. It is even pinned.

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Um, that maybe could have been phrased a little nicer…

Welcome to Haiku, whether it’s a first or second post! :wink: A lot has changed in two years; mainly, there’s better hardware support, package management has improved, repos and updates have a nice front end, and more that can be read about in the progress reports since. Plus, (and a huge plus), the community now has LibreOffice 6, Calligra, Otter, and more running on Haiku now. And the Beta is actually getting closer than before. So I can definitely say things have gotten a lot better since 2016.

And it’s true good intentioned as this question was, this really was the wrong thread for it — right now, Haiku has just added new WiFi support from FreeBSD and is asking whoever can to help share their results on their system with the latest Nightly. And publicly pinned it for all to see like an ancient decree in a public square. So yeah, you kinda missed it. :smile:

The link to the pinned thread is here: Wi-Fi & Ethernet Testers Wanted - #23 by Meanwhile

Happy Haikuing! :slight_smile:


You are right. I’ve read almost everything I could about the topic, except for that thread. Silly me!

Thank you! I’m going to read it thoroughly right now. I’m glad Haiku’s alive and kickin!

I have a BCM 4312 (14e4:4315) and it’s not supported either. :pensive: In Devices - Detailed - Driver used it says:

Not implemented

(hrev52045 gcc2-hybrid)

I believe this is the BWI driver, which according to the post from Waddlesplash, is not one of the drivers that was ported from FreeBSD.

Is there a ticket for this? Generally speaking it’s more likely that someone will write or port a driver for something if there is a ticket open and multiple people need it.

“not implemented” means that Devices does not track wether there is a driver or not. It does not mean that there is no driver. We should probably hide the line from Devices until we actually get it working.

Hello. The driver still not woek on beta2/rc2 (hrev54154).