Donating server space

Hello Haiku people!

I’ve been a BeOS user and enthusiast since early '00s. Of course, I use Haiku and test it on regular basis on my hardware as well as in Virtualbox. I have not been a part of the forum, however.

I noticed that the project does not have any mirrors/servers in Europe. I think I could help out in this sphere by donating some server space to the project. The machine would be physically located in Poland.

What are the requirements (space, bandwidth, protocol, etc)?


It think that it depends mainly of what you intend to mirror. If you plan to host releases isos and sigs, requirements are not so big and you have more choices for protocols.
If you plan to act as mirror of haiku or haikuports repos, it’s another story.

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Let’s specify both in this case. This way I can estimate a possible contribution.

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Ahoy @pawel !

I suggest to contact on another channel - with the decision makers. I assume the forum is too universal and widely available for such proposals.
They also reading posts here but maybe your offer remain invisible among many technical requests, development progress, newbies crying out for help and other noises here – related to your topic.
If I were you I would direct contact via e-mail to Be Inc. or at least you should have select category Be Inc. here for your offer to ensure that you hit the best target with your offer.
I hope your offer would finish in succesful event as there is one mirror for ISOs currently in Europe, but in Russia, and if the war escalates further that might be becomes problematic to reach.
In case Nightly images - you are right - there is no possibility to choose location those comes from US locations - you cannot select another source. You may think about that when you wrote ‘only from the US’.

Haikudepot SW repositories for me - in Hungary - seems are mostly from Europe.
Only one - Fatelk - is from Australia (if I know well) that’s why that is hosted there ;-))
Haiku , Haikuports (ported apps), Besly, and LOTE are in Europe.

This way I think you ment that those US only for the ISO images-- especially for the Nightlies for any platforms where they available.
In case supported versions – x86 and x86_64 (Beta4 actually) – there is one exception for direct download : in Russia, as I mentioned above.

~> whois
bash: whois: parancs nem található

As whois command had not implemented yet in Haiku I cannot see who and where hosts packages, so against its domain name the Haiku packages also hosted in the US as well.
traceroute only reveal that it is from a Haiku org machine which can be.
The innocent times of networked people is far over, so it is understandable ;-))

Well we can ping @kallisti5 who is our admin and can handle this.

Mirroring the releases is easy and causes no problems, for the package repositories, we first want to finalize our signature verification system in the package installation tool so that we can make sure the mirrors don’t modify or corrupt packages (intentionally or not).

So @pawel, now you have answer one of the boarding team member …
You can start discussion with @kallisti5 about your offer 's details - to have ISO images downloadable from Poland, Europe too …
Russian location got in option in a similar way earlier if I remember well.
I was reading the forum then without registering here when such offer came from someone from Russia ( sorry I do not remember who was exactly in that case )

@PulkoMandy : you write releases … can those be the nightlies as well ?

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The here are the overall requirements:

  • Release mirrors: ~17 GiB
  • Package repository mirrors: ~300GiB of space
    • We don’t have any official 3rd party package repository mirrors currently due to #17331.
  • Ability to connect to our servers via rsync
  • A static IP
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17GB I can easily handle. 300GB I’d have to see, as I’d need to pull in some resources and even if that, it would be w/o redundancy.

I’m assuming a package mirror would probably be more useful, however. The #17331 issue can probably be fixed with a soft load balancer and a bash script on the back-end.

Let’s discuss. Perhaps over a telco.

Update: 0,49 TB can be made available.


Let’s CC the main sysadmin @kallisti5 and see what he has to say.

Hello @pawel ! We’re definitely interested. Sorry for the delays, we’re an extremely small sysadmin team.

Essentially to mirror, the steps are the following:

  • Provide a source IP address your mirror host will be connecting from.
  • Provide the public urls the content will be available at, as well as a public link of your choosing to advertise the mirror partner.
  • After this is added, you should be able to rsync from rsync:// to clone the entire release repository
    • Rsync’s should happen roughly every 24 hours at a time of your choice.

Once the above is complete and your first sync happens, we’ll put the link on the download page.

Thank you so much for deciding to help mirror Haiku!

– Alex


Hello Alex,

I’ll send you the server info in priv. chat.

Hello @kallisti5
I could also host mirrors for the Haiku downloads if there’s still need for additional servers.
Releases can be hosted on two servers with 1Gbit/s each,made available under the same subdomain,so that we get basic load-balancing,a total of 2Gbit/s bandwidth and redundancy in case on server has issues.
If that mirror turns out to be popular,two additional servers with 400Mbit/s each could be added.
Due to the high storage needs,the package repository could be hosted at one server with a 1Gbit/s connection,no load-balancing and no redundancy.


Ahoy @kallisti5 ,

I know you have more admin stuff recently with other storage related services and love project of Risc V as well … but
what about these offerings ?
I’ve checked recently

¤ the the nightly images download site
and still the ‘US’ option available not any ‘EU’ or ‘PL’

¤ the supported images (x86, x86_64) download page also had not included the Poland option yet.

I do not ask packages – I assume to copy / synchronize them and implement package validation is more effort to complete it with flawlwssness of working as expected :slight_smile: aka BAU :laughing:

However … could you share some infos how it had progressed meantime ?

Could you have some time to test - at least - the new storage spaces with Pawel ( @pawel ) ?
Or discuss about his offer - from @nipos - separately/privately ?

Thanks for your reply.

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It went nowhere. Seems the admins are not interested, despite enthusiasm above.

Same here,didn’t receive any reaction from them.
Maybe they have enough resources for now,but in my opinion it would be a clear advantage to have infrastructure prepared for a future growth in user count.

From his message, I understood you need to provide the info they requested ( ip address, links, etc ) and then do the configuration on your side. Was that done ?

Yup. We exchanged all info and nothing got done. The machine is still online on my end.

I see. Thanks for the status update.
Alexander may also replies.

Index of /haiku/ The space is stil there.