Discord/Revolt server?

Would anyone be down for Haiku having a server on Discord or Revolt? (Revolt is like Discord but open-source) I haven’t seen one on either platform yet but if one does exist, let me know, otherwise I may start one myself.

I think there used to be one but was deleted or abandoned.

the community page does not list one, in any case Community Links | Haiku Project

Yeah, that’s what I thought… if we had to use Discord or Revolt, which would be preferred? Discord has alot more people using it but Revolt is open source…

There is a Haiku Discord: https://discord.gg/8KsjHbW

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Oh! Huh. This should go in the Community Links then.

Both don’t run on Haiku, personally I’ve never heard of revolt before today and have never use discord.

The last time I tried it, the Discord web part worked with WebPositive.

Visiting a website is hardly the same as a useable application imo

Discord does in fact work on WebPositive, I’ve tried it

It works the same as a client app. Maybe you don’t like it (or web based email, for that matter) but other people might find it handy.

Discord is shit but Revolt looks nice from the first view,maybe I should give it a try,never heard of it before.
I think open-source projects shouldn’t use proprietary services,as that would force users and contributors to use said proprietary services for taking part in the project.
Also,Discord tracks every interaction you do within the app and scans your messages.
Maybe also interesting for you: There’s already a Matrix room with many users which is also bridged to IRC and XMPP.
The most popular Matrix client Element is quite similar to Discord,but it’s open-source and federated.
And there are also Qt-based client applications for Haiku (Quaternion,Nheko).


I’ve tried both… I’ve never been able to get IRC working with the Haiku chat and the XMPP bridge always seems dead
Also, never heard of Matrix

Claiming that a software runs while only a website is available just seems dishonest to me, especially with the way of the “modern web” that will break websites dporadically, especially with our webkit ports current status

You should definitely have a look,it’s probably the most promising open-source messenger.

You can join the room with the address #haiku:matrix.org

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Gotcha, I’ll look into it some

That sounds strange, the irc should be easy to set up in Vision, and the XMPP bridge is working fine as far as i can tell (to join the same irc rooms)

Oh I’m talking about using it on non-Haiku lol
I use Windows 11 on my main machine and XChat is my go-to for anything IRC

I haven’t used Windows for years,nor have I ever used IRC on it,but maybe it has set the wrong server?
Haikus IRC channels are on OFTC,while most projects used Freenode during the last centuries and that’s probably still the default.

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Not just the website, but the actual web app does work to a certain extent. Quite slow though, perhaps due to the lack of GPU acceleration. There used to be no server avatars rendered, but that got fixed at some point. They’re still not rendered correctly, as the edges aren’t rounded off.

It is minimally usable, but not a good experience.

It is not an official channel, and also it is a closed source application run by a commercial company. So it is not advertised on the main website. They don’t need us to do free advertising for them.

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