DevilutionX a Diablo game Engine

Link removed
Here is the package I have compiled DevilutionX a game engine for playing the orginal Diablo game. (x86_64)

A link to the package:
DevilutionX HPKG(Removed)

The sources on Github:
DevilutionX Sources

You need the original Diablo PC game to run it.

Install diabdat.mpq in the /boot/home/devilutionx/ folder. And run the devilutionx application to run the game.

Normally the package will be posted on Besly repository.

You must close your web-browser if is it opened because DevilutionX crash when web-browser is open.


It is in the Depot since long (~6 month or so).
I upstreamed the required changes, btw to make it possible, so i know.

Oh, and please do not share binaries on the forum.

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Ho don’t have see it in Haikudepot before.

You should check in the HaikuPorts, maybe a recipe is slready available for your next port, but it is just untested on your arch:

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anyway it is be nice to announce new ports here…

good idea indeed

There’s even a thread for what’s New in HaikuDepot.

You can also get a RSS app and add lists for updates on individual apps or all new packges with the HDS Feed Builder.

So my proposal would be: please remove the links to the hpkg as it is already in the Depot, comes with icon and startscript, but it needs the game-data in different folder, so 2 different version can easily make misunderstanding in the future. Thanks.

Is the question that package have the better Position for the gamedata ;).

I hope Nnot in config or settings folder. It not a Settings it is game data.

I think we need a data folder by default place in home.

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You mean like config/non-packaged/data ?

That’s done.

No not non packaged

/boot/home/config /appname configurations
/boit/home/config/settings/appname settings
/boot/home/data/appname files generated by the user or add files to run a program like game files, all are not settings or config

Pls, do not put folders in my $HOME, kthxbye.

I think /boot/home is a nice place to put files generated by the user. Organize it how you like, its yours! You don’t need authorization from Haiku inc to create a data/ directory there.

Why not? It is the user folder, there is no other place to put user files.

Because it is mine.
I don’t care where the gamedata goes, as long as it don’t require an extra folder in my home dir. Pls, do not put stuff in the root of my home.

config and settings there to.

I am not a haiku developer, only some one help do a good way. And the home folder is the user folder. And i does not like to put the home folder full of things, so a data directory would be a good position.

The package creator can only start of the position the user have only one partition. If you want to move them on other place to it and create a symbolic link.

We need structure, and we get it with the package management, but in home we get chaos again, because every packager do things on different ways.

So whats wrong with config/non-packaged/data then?

It is still implemented for old beos apps. In the future then we lost all support for old beos apps past r1 we do not need it anymore.

And for me, it is placed in the false posion in the foldertree because non-packaged is not a config.

This is obviously not true.