Developers: what editor do you use in Haiku?

Hello, this is not a discussion about which is the best editor but what editor do you use
I’m using Pe and it’s good enough but not great.
I want to know what’s the usual workflow of a Haiku developer.

Koder is intended to do everything PE does and more. I use it most of the time on my projects in Haiku but it lacks intellisense. I use a VS Code derivative called OSS Code on Linux to cross develop more frequently.

Pe. Koder is not feature-complete, it don’t support code navigation and header lookup. Pe also supports command execution and compiler error list that I use sometimes.

I usually compile programs from command line. Compiler error messages in Terminal can be clicked with Alt key and Pe will show error position in source file.

For makefiles and Meson I often add “run” target that compile and run program with one command.

run :: default

I use Pe only.

I use Koder as my main editor, for editing Makefiles I still use Pe because of its special mode for adding source files and resources. And I always have vim installed on Haiku for quickly editing stuff on the commandline, adding something to a gitignore file for instance.

Yeah, I miss that feature in Koder too.

I use Koder mostly, I sometimes use PE when Koder doesn’t work (for example: it’s performance is horrible when opening large files)

No one has set up an editor that can use a language server? Though we would also need a working C++ language server. There are several options, see here:

Using a language server for programming Go on my day job is really, really, really nice, and makes me much more productive. I think it would be nice for Haiku to have that for C++.

I’ll look into this next time I’m actually programming stuff in Haiku, hopefully soon.


Mostly Pe, mainly because I’m familiar enough with it to serve my needs, could as well use Koder which works for me too.

Using Koder for HaikuPorts recipes, although I’ve been considering learning Pe more for a while now.

Make a poll maybe?

At work I use xcode, but in my spear time I am learning Haskell and I am using SpaceMacs which I love, doesnt seem to be working on Haiku because the emacs port is a bit old.

Would be great to have spacemacs on Haiku as it has a lot of features

For C++ I use Koder, back in the days I think I used an editor called Eddie?

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I use vim with youcompleteme. I patched jam so it could create a compile_commands.json file that is used to configure youcompleteme (parch ported from the Boost version of Jam and adjusted to our version).

QtCreator with cmake. It has code completion, project navigation, does error highlighting as you type, its great and very fast under Haiku. With the recent work on gdb, it will soon have visual debugging as well.

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I use for now Pe and gcc in command line.

When I was actively coding on some unfinished Haiku app, I was using PalEdit along with Paladin.

I use Pe with occational dives into vi/vim.

For the little bit of development that I’ve done while using Haiku, I used QtCreator because I use it for C++ on macOS and Windows. Works great so far! Having a consistent interface/tools across platforms is super-helpful.

@leavengood QtCreator apparently works with language servers, though I’ve never experimented with it.

For Go (& JS/other web-like stuff) on macOS I use VSCode - haven’t yet tried to work with those languages on Haiku, so I don’t know what I’d use…

I use vim 100% of the time :slight_smile:

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Would be great to get something akin to BeIDE for Haiku.