Developers: what editor do you use in Haiku?

Pe and Paladin.

Sometimes Pe, but mostly vim for editing a few files. For larger projects, I set up CLion, which works well (as does GoLand).

Currently for work I use Emacs with the Doom Emacs configuration on macOS, and I also set it up on a personal desktop with Windows 10 (though it seems quite a bit slower there.)

Anyhow I mention this to ask what the state of Emacs is on Haiku? I’ve seen screenshots of it running in Terminal but I wonder about GUI support. I assume someone needs to write a Haiku GUI.

It isn’t a huge deal since I can also use vim well and will likely give Pe some use as well. But long term it might be good to have a decent Emacs GUI option.

Usually, Pe and QtCreator.

Try to get it open sourced maybe.

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Maybe someone should talk Pavel into releasing Eddie for Haiku.

Koder for me I like the dark mode there

I use the yabIDE for writing my yab apps

I use yab-ide, koder and paladin.

vim, ed, and occasionally Pe.

I tried to switch to Koder a few years ago but switched back to Pe for performance reasons.