Deskbar menu configuration broken in nightlies?!

So, it’s been awhile since I have messed with Haiku Nightly builds, but installed the latest today and was starting to configure my usual preferences, etc… and I noticed that the menu options were these blue folders, which don’t allow setting to icon view when invoking a Tracker window from Deskbar, which is something I’ve been doing since the BeOS days. The other thing that looked weird and broken, was editing the menu options for Applications, Preferences, etc… were empty and seemed like just to be in a broken state in the sense that they have no effect on the menu options, is this expected? I will say that Haiku A4 doesn’t suffer from this issue.

There’s already a ticket for that: #10002

The “Menu” options in the Deskbar settings could do with an update, no doubt. There’s a discussion on that in ticket #10557. There’s a hint on manual configuring the deskbar menu in the user guide. Unfortunately, the user guide hasn’t been exported for a long time now…
Here’s a screenshot of the added tip: Manual menu entries


Thanks Humdinger, will give that hack a try.

IMHO, after reading the comments on the last ticket mentioned, I think that the current state is broken if the menu options can’t easily be configured and mirror what could be done in BeOS. I get the desire for automatically adding links to newly installed applications, etc… but there’s no excuse for breaking old useful features because of it.

Also: (use google translation option to switch to your language).

    It is very sad that you never mentioned us, we have hundreds of instructions created for Haiku, BeOS and Zeta community but it is as if we were not there.

    We have one of the oldest in the meantime Community Pages in Haiku Community (since 2004). Help us, write instructions, translated, you will bring help and says it other thus being helped … Or is in the Haiku community is no more space for projects outside the main project?

Hi lelldorin,

of course there’s space for all kinds of projects. But you can’t expect me to sift through BeSly for some info, when I know that I wrote about the exact issue in question already. I’ve spent many hours over the years on writing most of the user guide, keeping it up-to-date and managing its translations. I like its style.
My priority is to point people to the user guide whenever possible. That way it may sink in over time that it is the best place to start searching for answers. You may disagree and think that should be the BeSly site and you’re welcome to spend your time answering user questions pointing to its articles.


You’re right, there you carest so intense about the translation, we now have a fairly good level of documentation. Here you have your own style and no one more than I understood that one mind like holds. Do not know what had possessed me was probably a bad day.

Well some time after this subject, I have found the solution to this issue, a solution for the time being enough for me, but it would be happy if there would eventually be a solution to Haiku.

Have a small program created, with which you can sort the Haiku menu and customize:

I hope it helps one or another