New Project: Haiku menu sorter

Hello guys,

i create a new little app to sort the haiku menu. Based on the informations of my tutorial to sort the haiku menu:

It is a early build, version 0.1

  • Create a menu of your choise
  • Activate or deactivate the menu
  • You does not destroy the original menu


known Bugs:

  • The menu items does not display correctly ( a yab problem to display shortcuts in a columnbox)


  • Download over our repository server:
  • Install over HaikuDepot (add our repository server to HaikuDepot first)

Great idea, good realization!

One of really nasty moments of Haiku — when you’re open applications list and trying to find needed one.

Here the documentation for the program:

Are there already approaches to the sorting of the Haiku menu in Haiku in the future is made possible?

Had actually thought that more about this topic is spoken, after I had created this solution example.

Just a heads up, on the latest Haiku builds your menu sorter isn’t working and I think needs to be recompiled for the ABI break.

To make things easier for people who are running the newer builds and those who are not, you might want to think about having two repos, one pre ABI break and the other post break.

It would be great if they would fix the Tracker bug where setting icon mode in those (blue) folders doesn’t persist due to being read-only.

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Have you tried the latest yab lib build of bbjimmy? This should fix the problems. I hope so. I does not have ibstallled one of the latest haiku Revisions. The problem are more the side tabs and not the abi break.

Yep, that did the trick.

If possible, you might want to edit those packages to depend on yab since it isn’t included by default.

I know your thinking, but this is not the problem of the package itself. I set as dependencies “yab” so i should call for the newest version out there.

The problem is that the newest version you need are not in haiku ports at the moment. Only on bbjimmys repo. Bbjimmys repo does not part of haikudepot by default.

Thats it

Ps. Nice to see some one using my app

The latest version of yab IS in the haikuports repo.

I was using yab that was on HaikuPorts and that worked fine, but HaikuDepot didn’t pull that when I installed MenuSorter, I had to manually install yab to get it all working.

Today i try to create a 64bit version of menu-sorter, nur i does not have the current source file anymore :frowning: