DELL XPS 15 L502x

Someone replaced my handmade list of display manufacturers by something generated from a more official list. It looks like the official list has some interesting things going on in it?


Oh, oh…
…unfortunately this (or similar) happens more often and leads to unnecessary irritation!

(Now ‘forcibly’ from Windows).

When you boot and backlog does not turn on fully, please copy the syslog file and create a bug report about the backlight. That would help us investigate.

Es kommt aus PNP ID Registry | Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum
Kein Ahnung warum es dort “DO NOT USE” steht. Wir könnten auch den alte Label wieder nehmen.


“DO NOT USE” is totally irritating, as well as the fact that the display is listed as AUO 15.5", although AU Optronics 15.5" would be correct and was also identified and displayed by Haiku in the ‘past’.

Where can I find this syslog file?
Is it automatically generated at each boot (during/after)?
Is this syslog file regenerated at each boot and overwrites the previous output?

I’m insecure! After several boot attempts, Haiku (EDIT: 64bit >) 32bit as once again switched on the backlight.
In /boot/system/var/log I find several .log or syslog files. Today is the 07 May 2023.
However, previous.syslog has a creation date of May 05, 2023.

previous_syslog is from the previous time you booted the machine. syslog and syslog.old are for the current session.

You can just send them all to us, we will manage to find the info we need in them.

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Where can I send the syslogs?

This DELL laptop has:
GPU #0: Intel HD Graphics 3000
GPU #1: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M
Maybe Haiku is getting ‘confused’ with this?

Where to, please?
trac is not easy to use for me (I do not know the english language)!
Computer specific terms are often translated completely wrong by translators, which leads to irritations.
It is not so important for me…

You can make a ticket about your problem on . It’s possible to add attachments there.

If you don’t know how to do this, it will be better to get help from someone who you can talk to in your native language.

Thanks, but that’s ‘trac’. I have created an account.
The difficulty for me is to select the correct ‘defaults’ (sequential).
Components = Drivers ? > Graphics ? > = Intel HD (or NVIDIA) - and then (if correct so far) ?
Some are very specific!

Don’t bother too much with the component, it will be changed later if needed.

If I create a ticket there I leave those alone and only fill in the information needed to make my case, the other options needed there will be added by one of the admins there. :slight_smile: (not so technical here) :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s good to know!
Perhaps there (trac) right at the beginning (quasi as a heading above the selection fields) an unambiguous reference to this ‘circumstance’ would be very useful!

= trac = The user interface is atrocious!

I created a ticket and did not care about ‘any defaults’.
For this I have attached all 4 files from ‘log’.

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Now that I know that the entries are not absolutely necessary, the spell is broken for me!
More tickets will definitely follow (have to):

  • Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS ER51060
  • MSI Delta 15 A5EFK-009 AMD Advantage™ Edition Gaming Notebook

Haiku 64bit booting from USB stick(s) - strange (maybe I have to change something in the BIOS?):

USB stick flashed using Balena. Boot OK, but no place for updates.
From there selected a second USB stick (128GB) as installation medium and installed Haiku 64bit. Does not boot!

If BOTH USB sticks are inserted, the second stick is booted!

After booting Haiku 64bit, the integrated AMD Radeon Vega Cezanne is not activated, but permanently the dedicated AMD Radeon RX 6700M. This leads to useless heating!

MSI CLUTCH GM41 gaming mouse
The mouse cursor moves in phases alternating between normal and floating imprecisely.

Have you created/prepared the EFI loader as it is written in the user guide?