Crowd funding UltraDV video editor

how do you get the video clip on the timeline ? this is not intuative enough

It’s not intuitive yet, but it is easy. Copy the AVI to your desktop, such as very bottom or very top. Launch UltraDV. You may want to shrink the Palette, which will be labeled Untitled initially. Then drag the AVI onto the Media Browser, upper left. Then click on the title in the browser, and drag it onto the Palette. This is a delicate process and you may need to repeat it.

yeah, that doesn’t work for me on my machine, not to mention that the multi window work flow is aweful.

First things first, the multi window workflow needs to go. It is a horrible choice everywhere it is implemented and the layout kit makes doing away with it very simple. Here is a screen shot of Magix Movie editor, that shows how a single window fullscreen layout that is easy to use is arranged.

Also is this still open for donations ? I have a few dollars i can spare right now and I want to make a donation, but I really want to emphasize that the UI needs to be overhauled, to match with more contemporary usability. also having a multi window alien layout is going to turn off potential devs and donor users.

See the link in original post:

I am waiting for some Ebay auctions to close, and if they end where I expect I may be able provide a chunk of money enough for about 1 week of development.

Please remember that we are in the very early days of resurrecting and modifying UltraDV. Our first order of business is to get it working, get it stable for basic video editing. That being said, thanks for taking a look at the Pre-Release Edition and thanks for your input. The more input we get on this, the better it’s going to be. I have worked with Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Producer, and a little bit of U-Lead VideoStudio. So I am more familiar with more traditional multi-track editing. I’m not familiar with Magix but looking at your screen shot it looks like some decent color correction/modification features. Maybe we can borrow from that in a future version.

Donations for UltraDV develop is still open, and are greatly appreciated.

I agree, but I also feel like getting rid of the multi window workflow is a paramount issue and should be treated as such. I will know my ability for financial commitment next week. I do not know what Barrett’s level of interest is, but I think we should try to fund 4 weeks of development and also go out into the open source world and do a bit of marketing.

As I understand… Barret (Dario) is working on getting the media server in good shape first… and then he has time to work on something else…

Anyway you need to have a well working media add-on server first to make video editing possible!

Many other software still don’t work as expected because of the media server and its dependencies (ffmpeg) as I understand…

I was thinking that a video editor like UltraDV would be an excellent way to test some features in Media Server that don’t get much use, are partially implemented, or maybe even not implemented yet. So Dario is in a really good situation for both. But this needs funding, so I have funded a week of UltraDV. I hope that others can also make a contribution, big or small, it all helps!

I intend to fund one week at $500 myself

i much prefer a multiwindow workflow to a single one, and haiku stacking and tiling makes it no big deal to make multiple windows behave like one, anyway.

Dario has started working on UltraDV, so if anyone wants to support his effort, you’re welcome :).

Dario Casalinuovo will be working on this in the next week or so and some people have already sent him an advance/early payment. We still need an extra $110 USD to pay for the last day of his week long bounty.

I donated the final $110USD this morning. I hope it helps get us on the way to having a decent video editor. I’m glad to help any way I can.

I miscalculated the price by $10, but I have pledged to pay an extra $10 myself once the bounty is completed.

So we have rased enough money to pay for a weeks work now!

I’d like to thanks anyone providing funds for this project. I didn’t expect to receive donations so fast. I’m going to write an article in the weekend to show my plans and the current status of the code, so stay tuned!

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I think that the only Video Editor worth using on a BeOS like OS should be UltraDV as it was the defacto Video Editor for BeOS.

I think the only really working video editor for BeOS was PersonalStudio.

Anyway, I close this resurrected thread, lest anyone thinks there’s currently a crowd funding or anyone wants or ever had worked on a Haiku version of UltraDV…

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