Converting games to YAB

I’ve been converting an ancient BASIC game to Yab and updating it a little.


That’s Dungeon of Danger. Also done in Python (sans GUI). And another one called Devil’s Dungeon in Python.


How hard do you find doing the change? What version was the original basic code was used.

Opps, just saw it was Atari Basic.

Dungeon of Danger wasn’t especially hard. Mostly a matter of separating out what sections did what and turn them into functions/procedures/etc. I did these in Python first, so I had to figure out ways to get around GOTOs and GOSUBs.

Devil’s Dungeon, on the other hand, was a kind of nightmare. That one wasn’t Atari BASIC specific but it used GOTOs a lot to skip over one or two lines. That one I ended up using labels in Yab to do the same thing. Consequently, it was much faster to get done.

I’m almost thinking of getting the BASIC source for Telengard and seeing if I can do that in Yab.

Interesting project, fine to see people working with yab. There will be released the game past porting is done?

You can do games with grafic frontend too, using yab.

@Humdinger can you split this dev part from this post? Converting things from basic to yab is not outside haiku :wink:

I should find some time to upload my example yab games to git

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I’ve got no problem doing that. They’re all on GitHub right now.

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I upload my gaming examples on git:

Also the soucre for ColorMe and ColorSequence. Take a look to learn and help are welcome by some experimental games i does not complete.

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If anyone is interested, you can see my attempt in all its glory here:

I did the bind thing so Yab does not need to be installed to run it. I would try to make a nice icon for it, but I don’t understand Icon-O-Matic for anything.

Look here

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Thanks! I have no idea why they don’t show up in a web search.

If i searching for it i found tue tips and tricks. I will check this on besly.

It is every time a good idea to take a look in our knowledgebase. We have many tutorials for yab and other things

This is not correct, because sience yab was split into yab and yablib you need to add as dependencies yablib as needed to run it.

Dang. That’s a problem.

Not a Problem you can not solve.

Create a hpkg file for your game and add the dependencies libyab

You can use my hpkgcreator, to find at

Okay, I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks!