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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, Haiku is a unique operating system. It takes its roots from BeOS, the OS everyone envied back in the day. Haiku continues to follow its footsteps, trying to deliver that same experience. What could be better than complementing this unique operating system with a set of unique system sounds?

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WAV is a container format and can contain compressed MP3 data (among others). Might want to specific PCM if that’s what you were going for.

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Will update, thanks for the notice!

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Are the system sounds fixed? Last time I tried (admittedly from before Beta2), only the beep and startup sound worked.

I love this! I’ve been using beos-5 sounds for many years and they are starting to sound boring … :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Not yet, but we have to hope that they’ll work someday…
Personally, silencing my OS is the first thing I do after first boot-up. :slight_smile:


Yes, my vote goes to the silent sound theme as well :sweat_smile:


Indeed, there are moments when you don’t want system sounds i.e. when watching a video, when recording your own sound etc.
Maybe there could be an option to silence system sounds in MediaPlayer, SoundRecorder and some other apps?

Well, the BBC just released 16000 sound effects for free, so maybe something in there would work?

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It’s not the first time that they release some. They tend to be too long so don’t expect too much.

There are few things here if have time.

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If you have a Twitter account, please share this post and spread the word. We can use any interaction we can get!

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Hey all! I just wanted to quickly stop by and check in, and wow! A sound theme contest?!? This is so exciting! :laughing:

Importantly, we REALLY need to push the advertising on this, as Haiku could get a lot of attention through this contest! Haiku’s main twitter page and other social media pages should post about this, Distrowatch should be made aware of the event, and maybe even other Linux/BSD news sites would be willing to advertise this contest? Haiku hasn’t had a contest like this for a long time after all!

Otherwise, in regards to fixing up the system sounds, I’m pretty certain work would be minimal. The Sounds preflet, the BMediaFiles class, and the “beep()” and “system_beep()” functions are already in working order after all. I think the startup sound delay was even fixed with this commit:

In addition, I’m pretty certain that system classes could easily call “system_beep()” at the appropriate time, and adding a quick “enable/disable all system sounds” option to the Sounds preflet wouldn’t be too hard. :slight_smile:

That’s all from me, good luck to you all! :+1:


We’ve seen this over on the Disquiet Junto and Marc may pick this for an upcoming week.

The Junto is a loose collection of collaborating musicians who receive a prompt every Thursday with a deadline of midnight the following Monday. I hope we will do this as a Junto!


I think the sound scheme design is a great idea from old Windows OSes. We can put a set of system sounds as a sound scheme,such as classic BeOS sounds as Classic sound scheme.I also can do some composing,so I can create some system sounds for you!


I love this and idea of having more than one sound scheme, but is this possible? Is there a link to documentation or some screenshot where is one able to place other sound schemes?

Also - is there any info when and how is boot sound triggered? It would be awesome if this could be a generative sound rather then just fixed into a wave form.

I agree and would be happy to help in promotion. Who do I contact for coordination on this? @nielx you have my contact

Choosing sound themes has yet to be implemented.

@bitigchi is currently handling most of the marketing/outreach efforts.

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