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The Junto is doing alert sound suites this week!

I’ll be hemmed in at least part of the weekend by smoke, so I hope to be one of the participants.


OK - is choosing boot sound an option? Or more precisely can boot process trigger more than one just PCM format?

This is great!

This is not fully correct. Haiku itself doesn’t for sure.
But even if I’m not sure that it is the case for all of them ThemeManager allows to save system sounds.

If I understand you correctly, yes the startup sound set in the Sounds prefs is supposed to work.

Not sure I understand you correctly. I frankly don’t know where the startup sound is triggered in the boot process… But currently, only one single audio file is played back. Of course, you can always disable the startup sound and instead call anything from your UserBootscript.

The startup sound is apparently triggered whenever the media_addon_server completes starting up (just like in BeOS).

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This is so awesome! I miss the old days where operating systems like Mac OS, BeOS, Ubuntu, etc. had nice system sounds giving useful audio feedback.

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Do you have a specific implementation when and what is needed in mind to recreate that effect of ‘usefulness’?

I honestly don’t know if can help, but this is a collection of cool (mainly dubstep) music released under Creative Commons Attribution Int’l 4.0:

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I’m currently working on this with the help of the community. So far, I’m just missing the zoom in/zoom out sounds and mouse down/up. When do the mouse sounds go off exactly?

Note, “Window zoomed” is just one sound.
Those mouse sounds don’t work yet AFAIK, but I bet “Mouse down” is when depress a mouse button and “Mouse up” is when you release it. Should be in sync with the mouse’s physical clickedy-click-switch.

Why would one need a mouse button down/up sound? All my mouse gives a satisfying click sound everytime. Maybe for trackpads?

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Half the sounds are not what I would ever use. But as most(?) OS seem to have those sound events - even Haiku had them for forever (though non-working) - there probably is some use for them for some people.
I suppose at the least those sounds would spruce up tutorial videos. :slight_smile:

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Apparently the system should go “wizz!” and “whoosh!” everytime you do something. Personally I think that this would be very irritating and I’d rather keep it silent. I don’t know if we can have a “keep it silent” option in the vote or if someone has to actually submit empty wav files for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Events like button up/down, zoom etc. should be disabled by default, and we’d need checkboxes next to each entry for that.

Plus we will probably need a drop down menu to switch between different installed sound themes…

I would volunteer for that :wink:

I could see the mouse sounds and others trivial ones like them as accessibility aids for the visually impaired. Those users would at least have some feedback of what they’re doing.

I uploaded my theme “Low Modulorian”. I’d like to have feedback, if a 12s long startup sound is completely unacceptible… :slight_smile:
Whaaat? 12s? Yeah, OTOH you don’t have to wait until it’s finished playing to start using Haiku…

Startup sounds really need an inspired musician to come up with something nice and unique. All other sounds can be assembled by wading through some online catalog of sounds, or like me: hook up my Akai MPK mini controller to Sequitur controlling SyncModular and find nice instruments for the needed beep-boop-bleeps…

For the startup sounds I also did pretty much that, just fiddling with some knobs to alter the sound. In any case, I enjoyed dusting off the Akai and playing around with SyncModular again. :smiley:

Maybe the startup sound should have been separated from the rest of the theme…

Weird. If click you “Show full post”, the actual contest entries at the bottom are missing. If you click the link in

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they are there. Weird.

I think it caches it at the time of posting, then forgets about it.

Regarding the uniqueness, IMO it applies to the whole sound set, not just the startup sound. I’d personally be sad if contestants just put together some sound effects together from some catalog, instead of producing it themselves.

About the 12 second entry… well, it should still be pleasant to hear after the 10th, 100th, 1000th boot, something too long might be intrusive after a while. I think 5 second is the ideal length here.