Computers compatible with Haiku (v2)


First hardware I’ve just added from @bullfrog to the Haiku Computer List is:


Reminds me of the good ole days :sunglasses:

Checkout the mention of OpenBeOS here:


Thank you @xylo, @victordomingos, to the mentioned school for several Lenovo machines (AlMurooj School AbuDhabi), and to all the contributors over November. My apologies that it has taken a while to get these sorted and added. They should be added to the top and the Haiku Computer List shortly.

Thanks again, all. :slight_smile:


Modify that to no sound or wifi as tested, camera untested on my G6.


@bullfrog, no problem. Thanks for sharing your G6 in the list. :slight_smile:

Okay, so updating the list doesn’t take so long, I’m making a change. The top post I’ve always added computers to I’m going to leave alone, as I’ve edited it 19 times, and am worried of editing it too much.

After the huge delay of nothing added in November, I wanted to mention that starting today, (and I’ll update the top to reflect this) I’m hoping to make a change to get everything in faster:

  • Hardware will be posted as replies here as they’re added for everyone to see, but will no longer be put in the top post! This is making the top post very long, and it takes extra time for me to scroll through the categories and edit it.
  • Hardware will be listed on the Haiku Computer List website.
  • A link to the above has been added under “Hardware” to Land of the Leaves.
  • Hardware will be listed on the haiku-computer-list on GitHub.
  • And… for the very latest, hardware can be seen at any time, regardless of whether I’ve sorted them yet or not, from the official Google Form.

So, there’s five places to view Haiku hardware, which I will update in these places on a weekly schedule on average. It may take me a little shorter or longer, but I hope to keep a list up to date whenever I can.

Mac os Dual Boot

Is this database searchable or sortable by brand/year?


The posts on the forum or Haiku Computer List, probably not, as those are just pages. It may be possible to use Cmd+F (or alt+f on Haiku, ctrl+f elsewhere) to search for strings on the page with the browser, but there’s not a search feature.

However, on the GitHub haiku-computer-list page I just started today, you should be able to use the search bar…

On the Mac that I’m on now, I’ve looked and tried searching on GitHub to see how this works, and from what I can see, GitHub found your MacBook Pro under mobile-workstations.txt (second result) quite nicely. :slight_smile:



Okay, new hardware coming in!

Thank you andrew342003, François, @luctis, and all the contributors for this week’s hardware.

@bullfrog, I’ve updated your G6 with the additional notes you requested (no sound or wifi as tested, camera untested as well) in the list below. GitHub should also reflect the change. The Haiku Computer List may take more time to update, as I’ll need to add incoming models.


More incoming hardware processed! Thank you, rosborne for your contribution this week! Just to reiterate, again, in addition to the updates on this thread (as I’m no longer pinning them to the top post), you can also find hardware info at:


Adding in another pending entry; thank you for your contribution, John Goold!

As always, in addition to the updates on this thread (as I’m no longer pinning them to the top post), you can also find hardware info at:


Hi I need to buy a new Laptop…
I would like to get a Haiku Dev. Laptop…
The one Pulkomandy, AlexD, Waddlesplash, Korli, MMuman, are working with!
Is it possible to get a list from them what they use?

Just an idea to avoid fiddling around…


Just switched from a Dell Vostro v131 to a Thinkpad x220.
Both don’t have working sound. Other than that they work ok.
No SD card support on the x220 but I’ll look into it.

Note that these machines are not new at all… actually the x220 was donated to me because it was otherwise going to the trash.