Computers compatible with Haiku (OLD - pre-Beta2 list)

Thank you @hor410 for contributing to the hardware list! It’s been added to the top post above.

Thank you @Aksenov for your contribution to the hardware list!

Lenovo B50
Rating: Excellent (everything works… except maybe the camera and the battery status )
Version: Haiku Walter (hrev52407) (x86_gcc2)
Startup medium: 8GB USB disk
Started from: Legacy BIOS
Boot options: Did not try boot options
Memory: 4GB
CPU: Intel Core i3-4005U (1.70 GHz)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Networking card: Interl Wireless 3160 (OK) ;; RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Not tested)

I’m going to use Google forms for the info, sorry for the late reply, school n stuff…

Make/model: Samsung X11
Type : Laptop
Processor : Intel Core 2, T5500, 1.6 GHz
Version : R1 Beta 1 32 and 64 tested! Both work (No Wonderbrush on 64bit)
Your rating : great

Startup medium: HD, USB, CD
Started from: BIOS
Comments : Not working: ethernet (Broadcom BCM4401-BO);
Wireless works (I Pro Wifi 3945)

Other info : GeForce Go 7400 works, 5GB memory

Intel NM10/ICH7 HD-Audio some glitches (sometimes works sometimes not!)
USB 3 works

No webcam!

Thanks all for the info! I look forward to adding it soon!

Sorry it’s taken a while to post these here. Thank you to all recent contributors, including @Aksenov, @cocobean, and @waddlesplash! I look forward to adding these to the Haiku hardware list soon!

This is a good effort; however had, I would recommend to elevate this to an “official” Haiku thing, meaning that it could serve as a base for people to see how their hardware may work (or not work; and if not, to provide easy information as to why it won’t work). A bit like the wine-hq database for games or scummwm database for games. It would be nice if this could also be accessed from within Haiku itself by default and people could check on their hardware whether it is up to date and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s great that someone is doing the work here, but right now it is manual work, which may become outdated in the future. It would be better if this could be made semi-automatic and also autogenerate a list with up-to-date compatibilities (depending on bug fixes etc… which may happen at a later time)-

What about something wiki oriented?

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May worth the effort on launching a wiki. (for that and more topics).

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I had set the top post as a ‘wiki’ in the post controls; not sure if that really did anything, as I haven’t noticed a change. Otherwise, if anyone knows how to get this to more official channels where it will be of more use to the community, I for one would be very thankful for it.

For now… there’s just this: Hardware List for Haiku (Google Sites)

Totally agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face: And I do think Haiku needs one unified effort. Whether it’s me, the devs, or anyone out there really willing to coordinate it, we need to work in unity toward one list. For example, there’s the BeSly database and @waddlesplash had started this list:, and of course this thread here was started by me (with an old one before this one as well), but if all lists, every list, could converge into one, that would be righteous! :smile:

Thank you to RaviC and to all the contributors this week! I look forward to adding this to the list soon! (I also want to add for anyone who would like contributor credit and maybe didn’t list it or if it didn’t appear, please let me know!) :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump, but I just did the form and accidentally left something out: I’m using the 900p model, but I suspect the Haiku UI would have issues scaling on the 1440p models.

I suggest you take another look at the google forms inbox

My apologies; I haven’t updated it in a week or so. There’s several Haiku tasks I have pending, so please bear with me. I want to thank @xylo and everyone for their contributions (5 to add so far); I should have these in sometime next week. Thanks.

Take your time ! I’m sure these tasks have a higher priority !
You have my support

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Thanks; again, just tbh with the community, what I’m currently trying to finish (hopefully by Thursday) is personal, not Haiku or software related. So, my hope is after Thursday to release the Beta review and basically everything else I’ve been holding back on, including the Computer List. :slight_smile:

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Personal life always takes #1 priority !
Else that wouldn’t really be human, now would it ?

Thanks all for your patience. Sometime later today, I definitely am going to add in the new changes. I’ll have to remember this note from @xylo:

And of course the from the thread Wi-Fi & Ethernet Testers Wanted there is also this post by @bullfrog that I’ve been given permission to add as well:

As soon as everyone’s hardware has been added in, I will be sure to note it here. Thanks again.