Computer compatibility list (old thread)

Several years back now, I started the “Computer Compatibility List” thread here, which I believe had the right idea, but ended up being confusing to both add anything to and maintain… and was eventually abandoned. I’ve decided to give this idea another try, and created a Google Form with about 7 questions (or 8 with 1a and 1b) that hopefully should make adding a list of hardware a lot easier.

Contributed reports will be divided in sections by type and by brand in alphabetical order on a public Google Sites page (a link to it is here), and anyone is free to share, paste, and use the list as my hope is for this to be an open, community effort.

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Do you really want to collect data from beos too? Haiku is the current OS, and should be the only one, in order to avoid missunderstanding the hardware list. One list one system should be the right way?

My hope was it could reach to all users, but I do understand where it may be confusing. If others don’t like the multi-system idea, I can slim the options in the list.

The question is who is BeOS using today?

I think no so much. But Haiku is yound and sexy ;). This should be the focus. We have changed our knowledge base to a haiku only to, because haiku is the future (The old one will be available too).

Yeah, and there’s a little risk of adding hardware with drivers for BeOS but not for Haiku…

In your question list they are many things not ask. Thinks like the type of gfx card, mainboard, soundcard. Only to ask is your system running good or not is a little bit low.

Look at our hardware compatibility list: . All hardware here are tested by one user and he collect many details and infos on his blog: (also here:

I added my laptop (an old Asus U50A, works great) to help get the ball rolling.

I do think the form could use some more details - at least around Sound, Video and Wifi. If I’m looking to buy a laptop that supports Haiku, I would want to quickly be able to identify the ones that support those.

Ultimately I think the best solution would be a website that is easy for users to add info to (like your Google form) but captures more data (like the BeSly) and has some basic search or filter criteria.

I have been planning on coding a proof-of-concept website for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it / don’t know if anyone else would be interested.

Thank you everyone for your feedback! :slight_smile: It’s definitely appreciated. BeOS R5 and Dano, Senryu, and Sakura have all been removed from the first question; if anyone is using an older system, hopefully there will be lists available for them. And as for systems outside Haiku like Zeven, these will need to have their own lists. Also per feedback, additional queries (such as video, audio, and net cards, as well as other questions) are listed on a new second page as optional. The idea of doing this is to accommodate both new users (who may not be hardware savvy) and knowledgeable people as well. Because the form has been updated to a new version, the link may have changed. I’m linking to it here and will update my original post as well.

Also, thank you for the hardware reports; they should be added now!

You may find a starting point in:

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Just wanted to quickly mention that on the hardware list page, I discovered I needed a VM section and added it. So, if you’re testing Haiku in VirtualBox, VMware, etc. there’s a section there for you, too, in addition to the real hardware categories. Again, thanks to everyone who’s been adding to the list! :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone that’s contributed, but it’s becoming obvious to me that trying to start yet another hardware list (in addition to the great work at BeSly, etc.) is probably not the way to get more hardware reports out there… maybe adding a link to the AboutSystem box or similar would be the better solution, so that users could easily find where to add and read about hardware without needing to have a form (and outside page) bookmarked.

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Czy można by napisać program, który by wysyłał informacje o naszym sprzęcie do takiej bazy?
Oczywiście ten kto chce wysyła kto nie chce nie wysyła. Można by od razu opisać co działa a co nie.

Było by to na pewno szybsze niż wpisywanie tego ręcznie.