Compiling apps from github archives

I want to try out running projects from HaikuArchives from github. I tried compiling like I compiled other built in apps like WebPositive. I cloned the app repository and added it into haiku source where other app folders reside. And tried building it using jam -qj8 app_name. But jam is returning an error saying “Don’t know how to make Weather(the app name)”

Can anyone please help me out?

Quite possibly many if not most apps in the archive don’t have jam files? Jam is “relatively new” in the BeOS/Haiku ecosystem. Not all the old apps have been updated to use it.

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Weather app can be compiled using the make command.


PRs for a working jam file for apps not having one are always welcome. :wink:

When another build file already exists, this is not recommended.


Doesn’t make sense (for Weather and some other sources) to create jam files, quite a lot of them are already available to be installed through either HaikuDepot or pkgman