Codycam does not recognize Bison camera on lenovo

There is a small camera on lenovo G50-70…Bison…When I open codycam, itsays no webcam detected

Is this Bison Camera not a webcam?

It’s probably that like other devices it requires a specific driver.

There is no functional UVC driver yet, so UVC webcams (nearly all USB webcams, internal or external, in the past 15 years) don’t work.

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This is not a USB webcam…it is a built - in camera on the screen of laptop

It will almost certainly be using a USB connection internally. USB, Thunderbolt, PS2, Serial etc can all be used for internal connections too.

This is a ~2 year old Lenovo Yoga - the camera, fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth adapter are all connected over USB and explicitly exposed as such by Windows

The touchscreen, trackpad are I2C and the keyboard is PS2.

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So, this means nobody on Haiku can use google meet or such things for video conferencing?

During Covid lockdown, these video conferencing apps like meet, duo had saved us a lot of hassle

OK then, I will wait for the UVC driver…surprised that this is a low priority task…

I don’t think any browser on Haiku supports taking camera or microphone inputs yet either.

You can use IP cam as webcam. There’s a version of Otter that can (on LOTE repo) and I think that gnome web too. All that thanks to @3dEyes.