Catkeys translators needed for 3rd party apps


Thank you Giova!


I’ve added the Weather app to the top-post.


What about fRiSS and LnLauncher? Are they updated yet to use Haiku native catkeys or do they still use their own tools? Is anyone willing to help converting them (or do we make that a future GCI task?)


fRiSS uses its own localization system and currently seems to only provide German as sole translation. I guess it could be a GCI task to convert it to Haiku’s catkeys system. Before, it’d have to be converted to use Haiku’s layout management. Looks like at least two GCI tasks… :slight_smile:

LnLauncher already uses catkeys. I’ll add it to the top post.

If anyone knows of more apps in need of catkeys, please leave a comment.
We could also use more catkeys translations for the apps already on this page… :smile_cat:


@humdinger, Could you add Einsteinium to this list? I have localized the latest release v1.3.1. The hpgk can be downloaded here:

I have also added an updated recipe to it on haikuports but it does not seem to be in HaikuDepot yet.

Einsteinium is a suite of 4 applications, but only 3 were localized because the Engine is a background process and you can only interact with it using the EngineSubscriberKit API. The other 3 apps have there locales here:

-EDIT- OK I can’t add more than 2 links, but the other locales are also located in the same master/src path:

I really appreciate any additional translations that can be provided.


Done. I’ll be creating a PR for a German translation soon.
I’ll also update the Einsteinium package in HaikuDepot soon.
So… “soon”. :slight_smile:


I created a wiki page with info here:


These are the Romanian translations.

  1. BePDF – soon.
  2. CatKeysEditor –
  3. Clipdinger –
  4. Einsteinium – soon.
  5. LnLauncher
  6. ProjectConceptor
  7. QuickLaunch
  8. UberTuber
  9. Weather.

@humdinger Replaced the sprunge for CatKeysEditor too since I forgot to check it back then. I really need to fix the keymap issue tonight. This week I didn’t have any time for this, sorry for the delay.


@humdinger: Can you add Koder to the list?
en and pl are already available.


Is there a editor for this language files out there?


yes, the CatKeysEditor is available in HaikuDepot.


Hello. I have the spanish translations for: QuickLaunch UberTuber

Update: sorry, just now I noticed that Pastebin is not recommended to upload the catkeys file. I will upload it again to Sprunge. Sorry guys!


Hello. Here are again the spanish catkeys for: QuickLaunch UberTuber


Thanks. Maybe Pastebin works after all (or just didn’t back then?). Anyway, I added your catkeys yesterday with no problems… Thanks again!


Two more spanish catkeys translated: Weather BurnItNow


Thanks! Added to OT.


These are my Ukrainian translations:

  1. BePDF -
  2. BurnItNow -
  3. CatKeysEditor -
  4. Clipdinger -
  5. Koder -
  6. LnLauncher -
  7. QuickLaunch -
  8. UberTuber -
  9. Weather -


Thanks Lan32, that was a big bunch! Took me about an hour to test and push or PR upstream!. :slight_smile:

If people are familiar with creating pull-requests, see Contributing via pull requests, that’d be the preferred way… :wink:

Also, be aware that the CatKeysEditor often likes to add trash at the end of the file. Best to open the file in a text editor and check/remove before sending it off.


Another spanish translation: Koder