Cannot register to Haiku bug tracker!

I tried to create an account in the Haiku Bug Tracker, but the CAPTCHA code verification continues to kick me out.
Tried so much times and I’m quite sure to not be a bot and be able to read the code… :smile:
Is the register function for new user working correctly?


PS: while I’m here, I’m writing my issue: I tried to compile GNU GUILE on Haiku because I have not found it into the HaikuDepot app.
Main line version 2.0.11 failed to configure because libunistring has been compiled without libiconv support. The good soul that provided precompiled binaries should just recompile it again, but with libiconv development files installed in the system.
Legacy version 1.8.8 compiled until an error saying that clog10() is found by configure script but undeclared in include file. Actually, that’s true, I have not seen it into complex.h, perhaps it has been forgotten… is it possible to add it?
Thank you.

Is the register function for new user working correctly?

It might have decided your email looks spammy. Do you have a more common email, e.g. Gmail, that you can try to use instead?

That’s an issue for HaikuPorts, not Haiku itself.

Usually I can adjust spam filter settings, but I can’t see you in the monitoring reports. Please try to register again so I can see in the logs what went wrong, and try to tweak the spam filter again to be a little more tolerant.

I typed my information, I clicked the button and it appears:

Submission rejected as potential spam
SpamBayes determined spam probability of 91.66%
Trac thinks your submission might be Spam.
To prove otherwise please provide a response to the following.

I write the number in the CHAPTCHA edit control, I press ENTER key and it appears:

CAPTCHA failed to handle original request.

I just tried it again and this is what happens.
Thank you for your time.


It seems our bayesian spam filter has been badly trained (the spam:ham ratio is 65:1, it should be close to 1:1), and this results in almost all attempts to register a new user to end up rejected. I have marked your latest subscription attempt as ham, but I fear we will need to clear the bayesian filter training and start from scratch there, or just disable it completely.

What could I do? Thank you.

Yeah, the captcha thing seems to fail with “Configuration error”.

Screenshot from 2021-11-15 16-22-54

That is a different issue to the one in the topic, this one is a recent one.

It is there: Haiku Depot Server

Ah, it is probably solved in the meantime…

Pardon the thread necromancy.

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I think administrators can manually create accounts. I can possibly do that for you later, or perhaps one of the other admins will get to it before I do.

Yes, please.

I made SystemShock an account, but I also figured out what the problem was with user registration and fixed that. I also fixed at least one of the problems that was leading to Trac being so slow in recent days, so hopefully things should be better there.